John Skyler suffers tears in his ACL, MCL & PCL in his right knee during AEW Dark match

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The June 16th episode of AEW Dark featured 11 matches. The seventh bout on the card saw Brady Pierce team with John Skyler to take on Evil Uno and Stu Grayson of Dark Order. In what was a four minute bout, John Skyler suffered multiple tears in his right knee. Skyler, real name John Brumbaugh took to his personal Facebook page and revealed that in what he described as a freak accident, he suffered tears in his ACL, MCL and PCL in his right knee.

He is projected to be out of action for six months and his decisions concerning surgery will be made next week. Below is the detailed message that Skyler put out via Facebook:

“12 years. 1,264 Matches.
They say “there is never a good time to get injured.”
Well after 12 years in the greatest sport in the world. And after 1,264 times of being lucky enough to go to the ring….healthy, to do what I love the most…entertaining fans (over 3 continents and over a dozen countries)….my luck has finally run out.
Last Wednesday, I suffered what I consider to be the first serious injury of my wrestling career…
My way of judging a serious injury has always been….”if ya can walk to the ring….you can wrestle.” Something I’ve always lived by, and a lot of times, against my better judgement, I have done when I shouldn’t have….but “What Would Harley Do?…Am I right?
Well….for the first time…..I can’t walk to the ring right now……I can’t really walk at all ….without crutches.
Last Wednesday, in what can only be described as an unavoidable freak accident (nobody’s fault), in one fell swoop….I suffered tears in my ACL, MCL, and PCL in my right knee…that will sadly, keep me from doing what I love for a little while (projected to be around six months). Decisions on inevitable surgery and rehab will be made early next week.
I’ve had to think long and hard about what I wanted to actually type out…my heart is heavy, knowing that I won’t be able to do what I love the most for a little while…but like a lot of things over the last few months of my life…this wasn’t my choice.
First off….I want to thank Tony Khan, Cody, Nick, Matt, CD, QT, and the rest of AEW (All Elite Wrestling), for their support, kindness, and unwavering generosity during this time.
I also really want to thank AEW’s World-Class Medical Team, (especially the on-site trainers, and Doc Sampson) for getting me the immediate help I needed and treating me and my injury with the upmost attention and professional care. 🙏
The thing that drew me to wrestling as a child was the “larger than life, immortal, invincible, super-hero like personalities.”
That’s what I loved, and that’s what I wanted to be.
In reality, we aren’t invincible. A lot of nights we ALL go to the ring in physical pain, just for the opportunity to entertain all of you. We do it with smiles on our faces, even though some nights it’s tougher than others…
I’ve sacrificed a lot over the last 12 years just to have the chance to call myself a professional wrestler (and be considered somewhat good at my craft at the same time). I’ve sacrificed time at home, friendships, relationships, family time, spare time, birthdays, weddings, funerals, graduations, and everything in between. That was MY choice. And I’m not complaining because I’ve been blessed with the greatest life in the world.
All that being said…..How can you help me?
Don’t blame this on “2020”. Don’t blame this on anybody. Instead of blaming 2020, or waiting for 2020 to be over….wake up and enjoy every day you have on God’s Green Earth. Every day is a blessing.
To my fellow wrestlers (men and women) that want to help me….you can do so by enjoying every single time you get the chance to perform underneath those bright lights. I took that opportunity for granted approximately 1,264 times….I want you all to have the opportunity to …..soak….it…
Soak it in….while you can….because eventually…. I WILL be back. 😏.
Thank you all for your love and support at this time. I’ll see you all again soon!
Much Love,
(By the way……….I finished the match.)”
Skyler responded to a question about the match on Twitter and made a lighthearted joke about his injury.

…..I didn’t

— #BIGGrizzled (@TheJohnSkyler) June 17, 2020

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