Johnny Elite (John Morrison) to Box YouTuber Harley Morenstein at "Creator Clash 2" Event

Has anyone else seen this? Apparently John Morrison is entering the world of celebrity boxing in a few months as he is set to take on YouTuber Harley Morenstein. You’re asking yourself, who the hell is Harley Morenstein? He is best known as part of the Epic Meal Time collaborative that was extremely popular on YouTube maybe 10 years ago now. There are a bunch of other boxing matches as well, including a vast majority of people that even I have never heard of. But I was far and away most surprised to see Johnny Elite’s name on there. Other fighters include the “Dad” character who Joe Rogan infamously profiled recently, to hilarious results (see link below for a laugh if you hate Joe Rogan).

Normally I would assume a trained athlete like Johnny would be a shoo-in to win his fight, but in this case apparently Harley is like 6’7" and will have a massive size/reach advantage. In that sense, it should be an interesting fight.

Pretty obscure, I know. I’m assuming you lot will all be tuning in?