Joker (spoilers)

Hands down my film of the year. I always enjoy batman world stories as close to reality as possible and this is easily the best they’ve done. Everything makes sense, the joker at the end is so different to how he is at the start, but the journey from start to finish pays off. Incredible acting, soundtrack, direction, everything. Absolute 10/10

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I saw this a long time ago at TIFF

It’s a good movie with great acting. I can see a little bit of the controversy in giving the incels out there a hero to latch onto.

The ending is weird and I guess open to interpretation but that might be what they wanted

8/10 movie. I’ve heard criticisms like “this didn’t need to be a Joker movie, it could’ve been about anyone”, but I disagree. I think knowing what he’s going to turn in to is what makes the payoff of the third act so enjoyable.
I think the movie did an excellent job in making you empathize with Arthur, but still making you not support the decisions he makes as he descends to madness. I felt that turning point when he killed his mom. It didn’t feel like him killing his last bit of humanity or like there was any sadness behind it, but merely a symbol of the fact that he had officially gone off the deep end. You understand why he kills her, but you don’t support it, but you’re not necessarily against it either.

What did you find weird about the ending?

It’s a fantastic, it’s a top 3 Batman universe movie.

Well he goes from dancing on a car to being in a straitjacket with a psychiatrist. What happened?

Is the whole thing a dream (ie - he says she wouldn’t find the joke funny) and just in his head? Or does he kill the psychiatrist and run away?

It’s confusing

That’s the point though. That woman is definitely dead. But it makes the viewer think, “was he just reflecting or making something up?”. I’m not quite as high on the movies as others, but I think it plays perfectly into what the character and film are

I got a more of an “occupy” feel and the 99% vs 1%. It’s funny how you never think of the Wayne family as rich assholes who could solve Gotham’s problems with proper funding for the poor. But I guess livable housing wouldn’t make a good comic book.


This movie was a 6/10 for me. The acting was very good, and there was some worthwhile messages and lessons to be learned on mental illness. However, some of the scenes were excessively violent and made me extremely uncomfortable. Also, I felt like you had to suspend your disbelief in a lot parts:

  • How were the cops not aware he was supposed to be on the talk show at the end? Sure, the city is rioting but they don’t have a cop or two present on the set or weren’t tipped of he would be on it?

  • How does he get away with having a gun at a children’s hospital? When it fell out of his pocket, wouldn’t someone question it and stop him from having it? They said he wasn’t supposed to have a gun at the beginning.

  • How does no one in the hospital notice his mom struggling when he suffocates her with a pillow?

We don’t know if he actually killed his mom or he is an unreliable narrator

He was brought in as a special guest, so only people running the show would know who the guest was.

He didn’t get away with it, hence why his boss knew about it.

You could just say no one was paying attention at that moment, but that’s a weak defence.