Jon "Brodie Lee" Huber (1979-2020)

Its being reported by Wrestletalk and AEW’s social media that Brodie Lee has passed away today at age 41

The All Elite Wrestling family is heartbroken. In an industry filled with good people, Jon Huber was exceptionally respected and beloved in every way — a fierce and captivating talent, a thoughtful mentor and simply a very kind soul that starkly contradicted his persona as Brodie Lee.

Jon’s love for his wife Amanda, and children Brodie and Norman, was evident to all of us who were fortunate enough to spend time with him, and we send our love and support to his beautiful family, today and always. Jon’s popularity among his peers and influence on the wrestling world was worldwide and transcended AEW, so this loss will be felt by many for a long time.

We were privileged at AEW to call Jon Huber a brother, a friend and one of our own.”

This is so devastating. This year fking suck!!!

Crazy. Just devastating

Non Covid related lung is what I am seeing - I imagine a pneumonia or PE are most likely if he had been hospitalized for something else as he had some kind of injury I thought.


His wife posted on Instagram that it was a non covid related lung disease.

Damn that is so sad. I was a huge fan and the guy was so talented. It’s a shame WWE didn’t let him out of his contract sooner so we could have seen more because he was really breaking through in AEW especially on the mic.

Feel so bad for his wife and kids, way too young

Fuck! This just sucks. Seemed like one of the good ones

Holy shit! This is shocking, way way too young. RIP.

I’m following on twitter and reading all the condolences and it affects me as a fan, having seen him since about 2007 in Chikara but his friends and colleagues, they all are saying the same thing. Guys who knew him for 15 years or just a few months are all saying the same thing. It’s crushing.

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