Jon Moxley entering inpatient alcohol treatment program

Originally published at Jon Moxley entering inpatient alcohol treatment program

In a public announcement made late Tuesday night, AEW president Tony Khan has stated that Jon Moxley is entering an alcohol treatment program.

Khan issued the following statement regarding Moxley and the company’s support of their performer as he seeks help:

Jon Moxley has allowed me to share with you that he is entering an inpatient alcohol treatment program. Jon is a beloved member of the AEW family. We all stand with him and Renee, and all of his family and friends, as he shifts his focus to recovery.

Jon is making a very brave choice to get help, and we’re embracing his choice and supporting him however we can.

I’m proud to call Jon a friend, and like many of you, I’m also a fan of Mox and look forward to a time in the future when he is eventually ready to return to the ring. Until then, thank you for supporting Jon and respecting his privacy at this time.

If you or a loved one need help, please reach out to SAMHSA’s National Helpline: 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

Moxley had previously been scheduled for the AEW Dynamite tapings on Wednesday night in Independence, Missouri for a match with Orange Cassidy in the Title Eliminator Tournament.

We want to extend our thoughts to Moxley and his family as he undergoes treatment.


Glad he’s getting the help he needs. Very hard to put your health and family first and I applaud him doing that and wish him well.


This is great to hear he’s getting the help he needs. No better time to do it then with a new little girl that needs her daddy.


I’m hoping it helps him deal with his issues.

Stepping out of this for a minute, I’m just so glad that we are in a place where something like this can be accepted and hopefully be the norm.
I think back to my youth, and watching guys like Scott Hall and Hawk having this addiction made as a part of their on screen personas. I’m glad that were in a better place, where a top talent can know they can take a break like this and deal with their issues.

Is it bad that the first thought I had was - I can’t wait till MJF uses this as a line against Mox? Lol

But seriously it’s great that wrestlers are able to slow down and get help when they need it.

I would rather see a heel CM Punk use this, if they were going to go that route.

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I would honestly wish that nobody uses this. I know it’s been used for heat for generations, and I’m sure at some point down the line people may use it, and yes it fits perfectly into the CM punk heel character, but this is a very real situation where a guy basically is walking away from a pretty high profile job to take a break for him and his family. I don’t think we should be turning that into a storyline when there is so much other stuff you can come up with.

I’m not sure if any of you listened to Moxley describing his book on some of the other interviews and Podcasts but he clearly sounded very stressed out about everything that was going on. I’m really glad that he’s taking time to try and fix his life


My argument to that would be that he and Tony Khan put it out there so it’s not like it’s a big secret. Ultimately it could be used in a positive way to prove that people can overcome these challenges and obstacles

I’m so tired of people saying “they shouldnt do this or that.” If the performers are ok with it, then fucking do it. It’s different if they arent into it and dont want to do it, but are being told to do it. But if they are down, I am down.

In due time, I feel it would be used by someone. Hell, I’m feel Mox will the first to bring it up down the line as an obstacle he fought through.

I feel bad for still thinking he’ll still be actively wrestling. Glad to be wrong though.

Wrestling is supposed to feel real. So why should they shy away from real storylines on their shows? Assuming Mox and Tony are on the same page, this storyline should absolutely NOT be off the table. It’s a redemption arc and a way to potentially show the real dangers of alcoholism and expose how it can affect people’s families in real ways. This could be especially powerful given that AEW has frankly been somewhat irresponsible in its glorification of alcoholism in the past with characters like Hangman Page. If handled tastefully I see no reason this should be avoided as show fodder.

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Think of how WCW used Scott hall and how WWE used hawk. Think of how they use the death of Paul Bearer.

There is a right and wrong way to do this.

If Mox beats his demons and comes back and it’s used down the line against him I have no issue with that if he’s cool with it. However to bring this up right now while he’s still off in rehab and have MJF cut a promo tomorrow saying I should be in that spot and not him because he’s a drunk isn’t some thing I really want to see right now.

Also based on Mox‘s reaction to the Roman reigns lines he was asked to be fed I take it he’s not a big fan of tasteless jabs while the issue is fresh.


I do agree they shouldn’t be having MJF cutting any promos tonight or any time soon while Moxley is still in treatment and actively dealing with his problems. But however many months or years down the line when Mox does get name-dropped, there is your indication of the inevitable comeback storyline.

To some extent, TK and AEW have earned more of the benefit of the doubt for how they will handle this situation as opposed to other promotions. The handling of the Jon Huber situation and what they did for Brodie Jr. and the family has bought them a lot of goodwill in my eyes.