Jon Moxley Is All Out...Of All Out

This is terrible news for the show. In the long run I think its ok, because you got a big match to build to, but it sucks short term. Wonder what Kenny is gonna do. Hopefully not pull a Hangman and join the Womens Casino Battle Royal.

Omega just tweeted Stand by…

PAC is back


Well that was fast and maybe a give away of one of Jerichos partners on the first TNT show? Or maybe not. I almost think I prefer this. I thought it was too soon for Omega/Moxley. I think that is a big time match they can have solid build for down the road.

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Ouch. What a bummer. The Moxley - Omega feud was built very well.

I am delighted to see PAC back. But this is a let down given the emphasis on story telling for All Out and this has none.
Almost rather see a four way and insert Omega - Jericho’s long rival and PAC - Hangman’s nemesis added to the title event to stack the deck more against Jericho and make a case for Hangman to overcome more odds.

That would just make Jerichos win over Omega meaningless. Especially if they want wins and losses to matter.

You are right.
Maybe they will do something on Road To to bridge the story.

But actually, forget my first idea that was rubbish…

Where is Shooter Umino?!?! Let him replace his mentor!

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While this is horrible timing for Moxley, coming off a great G1 run in NJPW.

At least AEW wasted no time in announcing Moxley’s replacing with a wrestler of equal or greater value.

Now that the bastard is no-longer the Dragon Gate champion the outcome of this match is also a lot more exciting.

Hopefully Moxley is fit by December for NJPW World Tag League, Death Riders for WrestleKingdom!


TBH, if the opponent is Pac, I think they should have done this as a mystery opponent.

Would people have thought of Pac, the reaction would have been enormous

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I just got a refund on my tickets. If you contact sears center they will refund them

Yea, the show is going to totally suck now. Everyone better rush for those refunds, to get away from this shit show.


The match itself will be better as Pac is a better in ring wrestler than Moxley.


Both disappointed and not as I wanted the match but did not want to see either lose (again in Omega’s case) so soon. Though with PAC debuting the same problem is similar, but a strong showing against Omega still would be good enough. This also to me makes this not over shadow the title match.

Well, if they wanted a big match for TV, it’s right there…


I believe I will like the match better with Pac.

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Was Moxley the only reason you were you going?

Mox vs Omega

No interest in Pac match as it has no build up. It’s just a match for no reason

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I agree the match has no build up but the others all have awesome builds and the show is going to be electric. You won’t go because MOX is hurt? Jeeeez
To each their own and respect but that’s the first I’ve heard of something like that when it’s a great top tier rest of the card. It’s not like this was a small indy with one guy drawing everyone for one match


Shows you why WWE makes last minute changes, that way you get money from the fans and disappoint them after they show up no time for refunds.

I love wrestling, but no way in hell would I ever pay to go to a show, just because I want to see 1 match. At least there is some lucky fan out there that will get to go now.

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