Jon Moxley Is All Out...Of All Out

What a fucking promo by Kenny to kick off BTE this week. This match when it does happen is going to be 10x what it would have been and the promo created way more animosity than any of the wrestling angles they shot.

As a wrestling fan I absolutely love how Kenny addressed it.

A former Indy darling taking shots at the ex WWE star for trying to live the Indy life and being careless with his responsibilities. Of course it’s all kayfabe but when the real is mixed with the storyline we’ve always seen the best stuff and this feels exactly like that.

Great episode of Being the Elite, I kinda wish the 6 man was on the pre show and great final promo


I’m not a medical expert but Moxley can’t appear live at All Out. If not, I think we’ll get a taped promo.

I also think that they are going to announce a show at MSG therefore announcing the Omega/Moxley match for it

It will be interesting what the timing is for his return, how they use it on TV and whether they do have the MAG PPV card up their sleeve which I think they absolutely do.