Jon Moxley signs five-year extension with AEW, taking on additional roles

Originally published at Jon Moxley signs five-year extension with AEW, taking on additional roles

AEW has announced that its current champion Jon Moxley has signed a five-year contract extension.

Moxley, who joined the company on their inaugural show at Double or Nothing in May 2019, will also be taking on additional roles in coaching and mentorship.

Moxley is a three-time AEW champion and most recently won the vacant title by defeating Bryan Danielson in the finals of the Tournament of Champions at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Below is the press release:

October 7, 2022 – AEW CEO, GM and Head of Creative Tony Khan announced that AEW World Champion Jon Moxley has signed a five-year contract extension. This ensures that one of professional wrestling’s top stars will remain in All Elite Wrestling through 2027, while expanding his responsibilities to include mentoring and coaching talent. Moving forward, Moxley will work exclusively for AEW and its international partners, including New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he is a two-time IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion.

Moxley has had an incredible run in 2022, most recently recapturing the AEW World Championship at “AEW: Dynamite GRAND SLAM” against Bryan Danielson, pitting the Blackpool Combat Club’s top stars against one another for the grandest prize in professional wrestling. He defends the AEW World Championship next against Hangman Adam Page in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, on Oct. 18 on a special Tuesday edition of “AEW: Dynamite,” live on TBS at 8 p.m. ET. Moxley will kick off the action on tonight’s live episode of “AEW: Rampage,” the first night of year four of AEW on TNT at 10 p.m. ET / 9 p.m. CT.

“Jon Moxley is on the best run of his already legendary career, and this five-year extension ensures that he was not only here for AEW’s meteoric rise, but also remains a key part of the sustained success we’re witnessing, just days after the three-year anniversary show for ‘AEW: Dynamite,’” said Tony Khan. “Jon is a great world champion for us in his third reign. His wrestling mind is invaluable, and our roster is lucky to have the opportunity to utilize him as a mentor and a coach as we continue to build the stars of today and tomorrow.”

“I love AEW and the spirit of both the company and its fans,” said Jon Moxley. “I cherish our shared passion for the sport of professional wrestling, and I’m going to dedicate everything I have in mind, body and spirit to helping AEW be the best it can be going forward.”


So happy for Jon, and awesome that he want to take up a role as a locker room leader.

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This is great news for AEW. Especially the 5 year length.

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No surprise at all, Mox was the last guy I thought would leave at this point (down the road I’m sure he does), but AEW needed a story of someone wanting to stay after all the stories lately of performers wanting out that has been lingering since Cody jumping.

According to Meltzer, Mox was champion in AEW while being a Free Agent. Can you imagine if he jumped to WWE while he was champion? Obviously Mox and Khan have a very close/trusting relationship and from what Dave says that was never going to happen, but still, just imagine if after Cody leaving, all the Elite/Punk stuff, Sammy/Andrade stuff, Black wanting to leave, Murphy wanting to leave, Andrade wanting to leave etc. if this happened, this would have been crippling.

Mox is an honourable dude. He clearly is happy where he is (and wouldn’t he be he’s three times champ)

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First time I watched AEW I cringed at seeing Dean Ambrose as the champion and was so happy to see him lose the title… But then I got into Jon Moxley and realised he’s bloody brilliant when he isn’t coming to the ring with a plant pot or a gas mask. He’s an awesome champ and it was a shame the title ever swapped to Punk.

He’s a great character and pulls off amazing promos, but for me he’s like Bray Wyatt, there is just a disconnect when he gets into the ring.

I feel like he needs plunder to pull of a half decent match, but even then he’s got such a clunky uncoordinated style. I know I’m in the minority here, but I just find him very overrated.

He’s not Brian Danielson, he is much more of a brawling style similar to Steve Austin in the ring. I think it works, he comes across as legit and not goofy and tough. Like it truly seems like to beat him you have to go through hell to win, similar to how it felt with Austin I think

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Austin was smooth though. You go back and watch his matches with angle, Hunter etc. he was crisp with his move set. Everything Mox does is awkward. Hetries hard, I’ll give him that and like I said his character work carries him and definitely connects, but in ring he’s nothing special, I’d argue below average as he relies on gimmicks and plunder.