Jon Moxley signs multi-year deal with All Elite Wrestling

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At the end of Double or Nothing, former WWE talent Jon Moxley (Jonathan Good a.k.a. Dean Ambrose) appeared following the main event between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega.

Jericho defeated Omega and demanded to be thanked for his contributions to All Elite Wrestling and prompted Moxley’s entrance through the crowd. He proceeded to hit Jericho and referee Paul Turner with a double-arm DDT (the Dirty Deeds) and then lifted Kenny Omega.

Moxley and Omega brawled up the stage and ended with a double-arm DDT delivered to Omega on a stack of poker chips at the entrance and a Death Valley Driver off them, setting motion a program between the two.

AEW announced after the show that Moxley has signed a multi-year contract with the promotion and will make his in-ring debut at FYTER FEST on June 29th in Daytona Beach, Florida.

I know this might seem crazy and problaly more like a conspiracy theory but what if wwe purposely send him to AEW to help them be competition for them. This would help explain so much as far as how much promotion they did around him leaving the company especially if they knew he was interested in signing with the competition.

You’re right. That’s a conspiracy theory.


Yeah. Totally a conspiracy theory. I guess NJPW is also in on it. Cool

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Or he was just an asshole and promised them he wouldn’t go there and went anyway and made things more difficult for anyone else that wants to leave… Also, for that conspiracy theory to work they probably wouldn’t have sent someone who didn’t do anything good since the brand split (?).

I’m very confused as to why anybody would think Moxley would have promised anybody anything, or said he wasn’t going certain places.

He opted to not renew his contract. Totally within his rights to do so… And probably made a wise choice overall.

The more i think about it the more i feel like wwe was o.k with him leaving for AEW. The thing is, he’s one of the rare one in the company that left the right way. It give them is notice and didn’t promote it on social media or release the info to the wrestling media, plus they were inform that he was going to be at double or nothing 3 days before the event so in a way, i feel like they probably respected the fact that ambrose respected the old traditions of pro wrestling and that’s why they gave him such a send off and i’m pretty sure that when he got what he needed from this AEW and his indy run, he will comeback to wwe. Maybe not soon but at some point near the end of his career, he will comeback as he didn’t burn any bridge and they still see him as a big deal.

So while i never wad a fans of ambrose, i’m still curious to see what he will do with this new character on the indy scene and in AEW.

It’s not complicated - his wife works for the company still so it’s in their best interest to be cool with him if they want to keep Renee.

And why would he have to make any promises about anything? His deal was up and he chose not to stay. The guy was scripted to wear a gas mask during promos and talk about how the fans smelled or whatever. They had no idea what to do with him

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Not sure his current gimmick is that great either. Better than what WWE did with him since his return from injury? Definitely. Do I suddenly think he’s become an engaging wrestler? No. I never liked his promo style either. This C Movie type dark, action hero is a bit meh for me. He’s not that great. It is a better situation for him to get out of being seen as the “third shield member” that people care less about but I still don’t think he’s capable of drawing people from outside the hardcore wrestling bubble.

I love it when a WWE guy shows up in another promotion. Depending on who’s posting and where, he’s instantly either the greatest wrestler of all-time or a dime-a-dozen jobber. It even happened to Jericho when he popped up in New Japan.


I’m not sure they want to keep Renee. I am sure Vince would love to humiliate her on TV and fire her with a AEW sticker on her butt.

However I don’t see it happening because they can’t publically be viewed as doing that and would get called out immediately if they did.

Same with Natalya. I am sure they want to do similar things to her after old man Bret did his Mic Foley impression

It would be cheaper to buy AEW than to pay out the retaliation lawsuit.

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I doubt that Vince would want to do that, i don’t know the guy personally but i’ve read that it was his idea to put Renee on the Raw commentary team because i thought she was great as a backstage interviewer and during the kickoff panel and has far as Natalya is concern, he has too much respect for the Hart family to do anything that would super humiliating and fired her over this.

This is the same guy that made out with Trish Stratus in front of his wife… The same guy that made people literally kiss his ass on live TV…


He’s the most vile and vindictive human being I’ve ever heard of. Everyone who knows him says this is what he would do and has done in the past.

He humiliated Natalya’s dad didn’t he? No respect there. And JR.

I don’t think he has any morals like that. The only reason he won’t do it is because of the risks in doing so

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They can just continue having her talk up how “great” the 24/7 title is, that’s incredibly humiliating.

The jim neidhart situation was on jim, he had a gambling problem and ask vince to loan him money which he did and jim never gave the money back, since then it was a hot and cold relationship between the 2 and the only reason he got so many chances to comeback was because of the respect vince had for stu. Jim owes his wwe career to stu hart.

We hear so many story about vince and we seem to focus only on the negative stories about him and don’t focus enough on the positive stories that are out there. Vince can be vandictive when you get on his bad side but he can also be your biggest ally when you need him and show him respect.