Jon Moxley's Status in NJPW and as IWGP US Champion

Has he been defending the IWGP US title lately? It seems that it’s a long time since he last defended it.

When is he doing to defend it any time soon or will it be vacated?

He has not defended it since NJPW went on its hiatus. His last defense would have been the match with Minoru Suzuki in early February.

New Japan held a taped tournament - New Japan Cup USA - in an empty studio, putting it on New Japan World, with the winner getting a contract to challenge the US Champion. That winner was KENTA, and they teased that he would be challenging Moxley eventually, though they’re also pushing other wrestlers to challenge KENTA for his contract, like Jeff Cobb.

More importantly, I believe Moxley stated in an interview with the Observer that he doesn’t have a contract with New Japan, working on a per appearance basis. He wasn’t allow to be on the first night of the G1 Climax last year in Dallas (which aired live on TV in the US) because of his AEW contract. No clue if they’d work something out, or have to work something out, for him to appear on a US-based show that’s only available to stream (though he was scheduled to work GCW Bloodsport shows last year and this year, which were iPPVs, but he was too injured to do the first one, and the second one didn’t happen because of the pandemic).

Thank you for that.

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