Jonathan Gresham reportedly wants ROH release, cursed out Tony Khan

Originally published at Jonathan Gresham reportedly wants ROH release, cursed out Tony Khan

Jonathan Gresham reportedly asked for his release from ROH/AEW in a heated conversation with Tony Khan before his championship defeat to Claudio Castagnoli at the Death Before Dishonor PPV last night.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful tweeted the report today, with a story on Fightful Select (paid content). Sapp stated: “There was a conversation that involved Gresham ‘cussing out’ Tony Khan.”

The reporting comes after Gresham deleted his Twitter account last night. He also raised eyebrows during the PPV when he came to the ring without his usual gear, including the octopus mask.

The championship match was the main card opener and lasted just over 10 minutes.

Additionally, Gresham appeared on a live WrestlePurists YouTube stream yesterday, during which he said of Tony Khan:

To be honest, I’ve not really talked to him. I don’t know what he thinks about me. I’ve had very short conversations with him. When I say ‘short’ I mean short. So, I don’t know. I would hope that he values me. I don’t know though. So, we’ll find out in the coming weeks, months I guess.

Gresham getting a little short with Khan.

Gresham was just booked to drop down the card. His hard work before TK bought ROH seems to have been passively valued.

It to me feels like how Swol left the company. Feeling under-valued. The match was 11 minutes, one of the shortest on the shows.

Gresham is talented in the ring, the match was weird looking. Claudio is so large compared to Gresham. And I don’t think enough happened in the match to make Gresham look like he could have won.

I like Gresham a lot but was he seriously being a baby about doing a job?

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