Jordan Myles "quits" WWE

This guy does not seem all that stable.

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Indeed. I understood his reaction with the t shirt but after that he went WAY over the top.

IMPACT! wants him!
That’s the way you stand up to the WWE.
Good for him.
That is it!
Company does not push Black wrestlers.

He may be acting unstable, but leaving that enviornment is the most sane thing I guy could do


Not joining the company, when you apparently thought these things about them before joining, would have been a lot more sane.


This has to get covered by Backstage right?

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Where they’ll call him by his slave name tsk tsk.

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We have seen a number of wrestlers ask for their release. Whats the difference between quitting and asking for a release? I am not intimately familiar with WWE contracts. Does he now have to abide by a non-complete cause the length of the 3-5 year contract he probably had? I would think being out of the industry for so long would basically end his pro-wrestling career.

If quitting is an option why don’t Sin Cara, Mike Bennet and Luke Harper just quit instead of asking to be released?

There is no difference @RedRaider07 to my knowledge. He can try and quit but if he is under a deal to WWE and tries to work elsewhere they can slap a cease and desist on him, the promotion hiring him, etc.
I do wonder how it works if he goes international if they would honor his type of WWE deal.

John was spot on during RAD today. How does WWE give in to this and not others, and what is the message being sent if they do approve his release.

What I wonder is whether a big money backer would sponsor a law suit by WWE performers to get released from deals. We saw Peter Thiel sponsor Hogan against Gawker. Would somebody want to undermine Vince like that? Feels like Vince would simply let them go if it came to that.


Yeah not sure the difference, but I also don’t know the terms of his contract either. The race angle to this might have some traction for him getting released. Hard to say though.

I feel that sooner than later - that’s what’s going to come of this. A lawsuit challenging the Independent Contractor status, as well as challenging the tacking on of time to contract lengths.


I’m pretty sure the difference is when you quit you can’t go work anywhere else until you complete your contract So it’s froze . Whereas if you ask for release and they don’t give it to you then time keeps ticking away.

It means that he’s not being released, but decided not to go with his contract. Something that PAC did the year before. Alas, it’s totally different dynamic into the wrestling world today and probably they’ll need to go to court to settle this. And in Connecticut, on top of that. So ACH shall need really deep pockets and years to fight this.

Those WWE contracts are… just brutal. Hope the wrestlers are starting to opening their eyes and read them good, or make other people read them for them. It’s absolute BS what the WWE can do with you once you sign the dotted line.