Jordynne Grace details ideas for tag run with W. Morrissey, comments on his departure from IMPACT

Originally published at Jordynne Grace details ideas for tag run with W. Morrissey, comments on his departure from IMPACT

Jordynne Grace explains what she had in store for she and W. Morrissey’s tag run.

Earlier this month, it was first reported by PWInsider that W. Morrissey finished up with IMPACT Wrestling and his last match aired on the June 2nd edition of IMPACT on AXS.

To promote the upcoming Slammiversary pay-per-view, multiple talents from IMPACT joined Busted Open Radio with David LaGreca and IMPACT agent and producer Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer confirmed that Morrissey is no longer with the company and Grace went on to detail the ideas she had for a tag run with herself and Morrissey.

They challenged for the IMPACT Tag Titles at Rebellion and Grace had it in mind to get a jean singlet and wrestle in Timberlands. Dreamer said if he had anything to say about it, they would have won the belts.

Dreamer: I work very, very close with Jordynne . I love watching her perform. She is one of my favorite performers in the ring because every time she’ll ask for critique and I give it and then she applies it and I’ve seen her have some of Matt Cardona’s best matches as well as I loved her and William Morrissey as a tag team. You know, Morrissey’s no longer in IMPACT Wrestling but, and even then, her creativity for — she was doing — the tag team that you had come up with, you were already — you were getting gear, you were getting shirts.

Grace: I literally was so excited about teaming with Morrissey. The idea for our finisher was my idea and I loved it, I thought it was gonna be an amazing finisher for us. I truly think that we could have won the tag titles to be completely honest with you. We had the finisher, I was going to get a jean singlet made, I was going to start training in Timberlands, thought I could wear them in the ring. I was ready for this so I was so disappointed when he left.

Dreamer: Big giant bastard . You would have had the tag titles, trust me. If I had anything to say, you would have been tag champions.

Grace is going to be a part of the Queen of the Mountain match at Slammiversary. While going over her opponents in the match, Grace heaped praise onto Deonna Purrazzo and said Deonna gave her two of her best matches ever in IMPACT.

Deonna is my favorite person to wrestle, just in general. I think we actually had two of my best matches ever at IMPACT during the pandemic in front of nobody. So, I’m super excited that she’s in this match. I’m very interested to see how she’s gonna bring her technical style into this match with all the different weapons. So she’s definitely someone I’m really excited is in this match.

Following Slammiversary, POST Wrestling is going to be recapping the show for patrons and on Friday, there will be an IMPACT 20th anniversary roundtable on the POST Daily News show.

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