Jordynne Grace thought women would be more involved in 'forbidden door' concept

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The ‘forbidden door’ concept disappointed Jordynne Grace a bit.

The proverbial ‘forbidden door’ has led to multiple talent exchanges between All Elite Wrestling, IMPACT Wrestling, New Japan, the NWA and several more promotions. On the IMPACT front, AEW World Champion Kenny Omega is the reigning IMPACT World Champion. As of late, New Japan’s Jay White arrived in IMPACT and along with that, David Finlay and Juice Robinson are in the IMPACT Tag Title ranks.

There has not been a crossover for the women in IMPACT outside of Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo making her way to AAA and being invited to NWA EmPowerrr. During an interview with talkSPORT, Jordynne Grace admitted that she has been a bit disappointed with the ‘forbidden door’ concept thus far, despite being excited when it was first announced.

Honestly, I was super excited when it first got announced, but as the months have dragged on with only a few things happening and never really happening for the women, I’ve been more disappointed than anything else really. Because I thought the forbidden door was definitely going to wide-open instead of having to knock and only a few people get in at a time . But you know, that’s the nature of the business, right!

I have absolutely no idea . I’m sure it has a lot to do with politics and who can go over there etc, you know how it is. People don’t want their people to lose, so on and so forth.

In May of this year, Jordynne Grace re-signed with IMPACT. She explained why she decided to make that decision and it had to do with IMPACT’s schedule.

IMPACT is really the best place for me. I do not do well, right now at least, with a super heavy schedule and I feel that’s pretty much every other wrestling company that I could have signed with realistically. WWE; training constantly, shows; I feel like that’s a 24/7 job at that point. AEW, they’re on the road on a weekly basis and I know sometimes they film Dark well into the night, 2/3am, something like that. So I just knew IMPACT would let me do power lifting, it’s a much lighter schedule, it’s been once a month. But I also do a part-time job doing transcribing work so I can also do that. I don’t think I’m willing to sacrifice 100 percent of the other stuff I do in my regular life right now. Maybe one day, who knows! Just not today.

Mickie James returned to IMPACT Wrestling on behalf of the National Wrestling Alliance and invited Deonna Purrazzo to NWA EmPowerrr on August 28th.

Coming out of AEW Homecoming on 8/4, it was made official that Kamille is putting the NWA World Women’s Title on the line against Leyla Hirsch at EmPowerrr and to read about how that match came about, click here.