Josh Barnett's Bloodsport Report: Jon Moxley vs. Chris Dickinson

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GCW Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 2020 – FITE TV

October 11th, 2020

Marion County Fairgrounds – Indianapolis, IN

By: John Siino

Commentary: Lenny Leonard

All of the fighters for tonight’s show start off by being introduced into the ring; including AEW World Champion Jon Moxley who gets a huge reaction and the host of the show Josh Barnett who welcomes everybody to the show and thanks to the crowd for coming out. The former voice of EVOLVE, Lenny Leonard makes sure to name off all the rules for tonight’s ropeless matches.

Simon Grimm vs. Matt Makowski

Makowski comes from a 6-2 MMA record and a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and a victory over Rory Gulak at last year’s Bloodsport. Grimm takes down Makowski with a wrist lock into a side headlock trying to keep him down on the mat and away from Makowski’s strikes. Makowski does a beautiful moonsault into a front face lock transition. They start elbowing and headbutting each other before Makowski hits Grimm with a cartwheel kick. They take it to the mat for a while until Makowski catches Grimm into a neck clamp, but Grimm escapes. They eventually stand and start striking each other back before Makowski takes down Grimm with a high kick. Grimm drops Makowski on his head with a half and half suplex and the referee immediately stops the match.

Simon Grimm def. Matt Makowski at 8:25

Siino Vision: The finish seemed to come out of nowhere, but it set the tone for tonight that these fights can end like that. Grimm has come a long way from his Vaudevillain days as Simon Gotch and with this being my first time seeing Makowski, he impressed me, and I am curious to see more of his work.

Women’s Tournament Semi-Final Match: Killer Kelly vs. Allysin Kay

This is the start of a Women’s Tournament that GCW is doing tonight. I have been watching Kelly lately on Germany’s wXw Shotgun where she has been featured lately while Kay has been back in the scene after a run on NWA Powerrr and recently being seen on UWN Primetime Live. Kay keeps Kelly mostly grounded with wrist and face locks. Kelly escapes and they trade kicks back and forth before Kelly takes Kay down and connects with a couple of cross faces before telling the referee she is ok. Kelly frequently tries to shake off her knee showing some pain, before being taken down by Kay as the crowd chants for “Killer Kelly”. Kelly uses that momentum to strike back before getting a big boot from Kay who mounts and strikes, but Kelly throws her off and does the same to Kay, Kay quickly reverses and starts elbowing Kelly in the face followed by a cross arm breaker attempt. Kelly gets the mount before Kay turns it into an ankle lock. They start trading slaps back and forth before both standing up getting the crowd’s approval. Kelly quickly switches stances to keep her weak knee away from Kay. Kelly applies a rear-naked chokehold on Kay bringing Kay down to her knees. Kay does break out and tells Kelly she “wants her on her feet”. Kelly hits a butterfly suplex, but Kay comes back to the kick to the head and mounts her with elbows to the ears before applying another choke to her head and Kelly instantly taps out.

Allysin Kay def. Killer Kelly at 12:18

Siino Vision: Great showing from two of the top women in independent wrestling, the match was never one-sided and it could have gone both ways. Kay advances to the finals of the women’s tournament later tonight.

Women’s Tournament Semi-Final Match: Leyla Hirsch vs. Lindsay Snow

Hirsch comes from the CZW Academy and Snow I have seen wrestle in SHINE and most recently was one of Bianca Belair’s friends during her SmartEST Trivia from Monday Night Raw. Snow gets the quick advantage with the size and strength difference, but Hirsch does eventually put on a rear-naked choke before mounting and catching Snow with strikes. Snow comes back with a snap suplex before being taken down by a double leg. Hirsch tries to go blow for blow with Snow, but Snow gets the upper hand and takes her down and applies a heel hook with Hirsch tapping.

Lindsay Snow def. Leyla Hirsch at 4:18

Siino Vision: A very quick but dominant performance by Snow who has a bloody nose going into the finals against Allysin Kay. Her brute strength sets up an instant threat to Kay who had much more to endure to advance.

Calvin Tankman vs. Alexander James

Tankman gets a huge reaction being a big fan favorite this weekend, ever since a couple of big breakout performances in recent GCW show and MLW signing has really gotten quite a following. James comes from wXw where he trained amongst the likes of WALTER and Timothy Thatcher. Tankman has a good 50-pound difference on James taking him down quickly as the crowd continues to chant for Tankman. Tankman eventually gets the full mount striking James down with elbows before James reverses it. Tankman showing the grappling side of himself that most have never seen before. James attempts cross faces before smashing Tankman’s neck with elbows, but Tankman uses his strength to backdrop James quickly. James eventually put Tankman in a triangle but cannot seem to fully apply it on as Tankman lifts James out of it. They stand and begin to slug it out before Tankman takes James down for the stoppage.

Calvin Tankman def. Alexander James at 6:39

Siino Vision: After the match, both competitors shake hands. It was interesting to see a different side of Tankman that I am not used to, and James was able to keep up with Tankman’s pure strength. Tankman is in my shortlist of talent to watch out for in the near future.

Erik Hammer vs. Kal Jak

Hammer comes off a win from last year’s Bloodsport defeating JR Kratos, while Jak is the former Cal Bishop who was NXT from 2013-2014. Jak quickly takes down Hammer a couple of times with Hammer eventually slowing Jak down on the ground. Hammer clubs away on Jak before cranking down on Jak’s neck, Jak is able to roll out and takes down Hammer with a waist lock. Jak shows his strength taking Hammer down, but Hammer is able to deliver knee shots to the liver slowly Jak once again. Jak gets up delivering a Doctor Bomb and quickly gets Hammer back in a waist lock, but Hammer grabs Jak’s wrist with Jack quickly escaping hitting Hammer’s ribcage with knees. Jak hits a gut wrench suplex but Hammer counters back with elbows. Hammer quickly applies a double wrist lock torquing it back with Jak tapping out.

Erik Hammer def. Kal Jak at 7:36

Siino Vision: Very tough and hard-hitting showing from both who I am not too familiar with especially Kal who only had two TV matches for NXT. Hammer left an impression on me and has a real 80’s throwback brawler looks and style that I like.

Tom Lawlor vs. Homicide

Lawlor comes out getting the crowd up and clapping along to New Kids on the Block “Hangin’ Tough” while Homicide comes out to sweet siren sounds of “Ironside” by Quincy Jones most recently known from Kill Bill. Very fast-moving start to this match with them trading taunts and moves back and forth. Lawlor delivers kicks to Homicide who is down and spits back yelling “Fuck You!”. Homicide takes the bandana off and walks right into Lawlor’s filthy strikes. They start trading back strikes and chops before Homicide traps Lawlor’s leg and applies the STF before Lawlor escapes and mounts from behind delivering more strikes. Lawlor is able to take him down into a double wristlock, but Homicide lifts him off. Homicide puts Lawlor in a grapevine and then a couple of headbutts and chops. They start trading slaps back and forth before Lawlor gets the upper hand, but Homicide hits a running headbutt to take Lawlor down. Lawlor attempts a leg lock on Homicide, but Homicide stands delivering a couple brutal stomps to Lawlor’s head who calls the referee off saying he is fine. Lawlor cranks on Homicide’s neck but Homicide now tells the referee he is fine before delivering an Exploder Suplex. Homicide attempts the Cop Killer, but Lawlor reverses, putting Homicide into a vicious half Crab causing Homicide to tap out.

Tom Lawlor def. Homicide at 8:44

Siino Vision: My favorite match of the show so far with Homicide reminding people of what he can do once in the ring with someone the likes of Tom Lawlor. Lawlor continues to steal the show for me and whenever I see him on a card, I know I am going to get a great showing.

Josh Alexander vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Smith immediately takes Alexander down and applies the double wrist lock. Alexander is saved by exiting the ring after another lock by Smith. Alexander eventually holds Smith down, applies the mount but Smith avoids his strikes. They get up but Smith quickly takes Alexander down into another double wrist lock. Smith eventually rolls into applying the Sharpshooter but is too close to the outside of the ring. Smith takes advantage and out of nowhere hits Alexander with a Liger Bomb getting the knockout win.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. def. Josh Alexander at 5:03

Siino Vision: Was hoping and expecting much more time for these two as Alexander has been a standout for me in Impact and Smith has really stepped it up greatly for me since seeing him win the MLW Opera Cup. That being said, a great showing from both but Smith was the instant stand out winning in quick and sudden, dominant fashion.

Women’s Tournament Final: Allysin Kay vs. Lindsay Snow

Snow is coming off the fresher of the two from their matches earlier tonight, able to reverse all of Kay’s moves in the start of the match. The crowd chants 50/50 for both women, as Snow continues to take Kay down, applying an ankle lock that Kay quickly escapes. They go back and forth applying leg holds to each other, each with quick escapes before Snow eventually mounts Kay and delivers vicious strikes before Kay traps Snow in a triangle. They stand up before Snow out of nowhere takes down Kay again, delivering more strikes into a quick heel hook with Kay tapping right away.

Lindsay Snow def. Allysin Kay at 5:25

Siino Vision: Snow is presented the Women’s Tournament Cup by Josh Barnett before getting the handshake from Allysin Kay. Another quick showing from Snow, building her up as a dominant force to anybody who opposes her.

Chris Dickinson vs. Jon Moxley

Staten Island’s own “Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson comes out to Puff Daddy’s “Victory” getting the crowd amped up for this weekend’s long-awaited match up against AEW Champion Jon Moxley who finally gets to make his Bloodsport debut after a couple starts and stops coming out in his NJPW Death Rider gear. The crowd is explosive for this match as they immediately go blow for blow in this match before Moxley takes Dickinson down. Moxley with another takedown before they both simultaneously apply leg holds on each other. Lenny Leonard notes how Eddie Kingston might have lit something under Moxley with the promo saying how Moxley has abandoned Indy wrestling. Moxley reverses out of a cross face hitting elbows down on Dickinson. Dickinson attempts a waist lock takedown, but Moxley reverses it and launches Dickinson in the exposed turnbuckle and out to the floor as the referee initiates the ten count. Dickinson gets in at six and Moxley immediately mounts him, landing strikes and attempts a cross arm breaker. They trade mounts back and forth before Moxley slows down Dickinson with elbows to the side of the head. Moxley runs into Dickinson with a headbutt knocking Dickinson to the outside again. Dickinson comes back in at 5 and Moxley immediately attempts a Gotch Piledriver, but Dickinson reverses into a waist lock into a dragon screw takedown. Dickinson starts kicking Moxley’s left leg knocking Moxley down and hits a deadlift German suplex on him before applying a kneebar. Moxley reaches for the nonexistent ropes before they both fall to the floor. They go face to face delivering strikes and chops to each both showing enjoyment out of them. Moxley takes Dickinson down with a headbutt taunting him to get back up. Dickinson does and fights back with quick and vicious strikes before hitting a belly-to-back suplex on Moxley followed by another suplex. Moxley gets up walking right into a high kick by Dickinson, Dickinson quickly mounts Moxley with strikes but Moxley is able to escape and takes Dickinson back down before applying a chokehold getting the submission.

Jon Moxley def. Chris Dickinson at 14:39

Moxley gets on the mic and says he’s tired and knows the crowd is tired also. He says he loves pro wrestling and goes on to praise all the talent from tonight including Davey Boy Smith Jr. and tells the crowd to give it up for Chris Dickinson. He tells Dickinson to keep showing up and keep doing what he is doing before embracing him.

Siino Vision: Outstanding match from both men. Dickinson’s story was told as losing so many matches and potential opportunities from WrestleMania weekend not happening and this being his chance to be seen and Moxley also finally doing what we can tell is something he’s been wanting to for the longest time. Great to see Moxley in this element and hopefully we can see more like this. It’s interesting as he has to defend the AEW Championship in just a couple days against Lance Archer and it should be interesting to see if this is brought up at all as Dickinson took a lot out of Moxley. If Dickinson does not get a full-time contract before this year is over, I will be stunned.

Overall, a great show that flew by and a nice change from what felt like a marathon that was Spring Break the night prior. The Bloodsport concept continues to stand out and be different than anything else in wrestling today and hopefully, it can continue as it puts a spotlight on the talent that is either unseen or not used to this environment.

This entire weekend proved to be a nice mix and reminder of what we all missed WrestleMania weekend and it is always a blessing to see talent from AEW, ROH, Impact, GCW, etc. getting to wrestle each other. One who was meant to be at these shows back in April, it’s bittersweet to watch but at the same time, happy that most of what was planned was able to be shown in one way or another. From what I was able to see, it seemed that most fans were following social distancing protocols and regulations, so let’s all just hope we don’t hear any bad news coming out of these shows and hopefully some good news with a whole bunch of deserving talent being seen on a wider scale.

9 double wrist locks out of 10


Good review! I only caught the last two matches but love the look and feel of Bloodsport.