Jun Akiyama: "I’d want to go against Eddie Kingston"

Originally published at Jun Akiyama: "I’d want to go against Eddie Kingston"

Jun Akiyama states that he would like to face Eddie Kingston.

On multiple occasions, Eddie Kingston has expressed his love of the 90s All Japan era and has listed currently active and now retired wrestlers from Japan who he wants to/wishes he got to share the ring with.

One name that Kingston has brought up on several occasions is Jun Akiyama. As CyberFight Festival on June 12th inches closer, talents on the show are making the media rounds to promote the event. Akiyima is scheduled to be in a six-man tag match on the show.

Monthly Puroresu caught up with Akiyama and asked him who he would like to wrestle from the western part of the world. Akiyama joked that he’s glad there are people out there who still want to wrestle him at his age and then said he’d be open to facing Eddie Kingston.

I’m just glad to say that there are many people who still want to wrestle me even at this age. I’d want to go against Eddie Kingston. (laughs)

In 2020, Akiyama transferred over to DDT Pro-Wrestling from All Japan. He stated that CyberFight President Sanshiro Takagi told him that he needed his help and without hesitation, Akiyama decided to make the move.

President Takagi said he needed my help, so without any hesitation, I decided to join DDT.

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