Just Want To Apologize To Some Of You

John & Wai said on the last Rewind-A-Smackdown that some people are complaining that I’m always first, so I want to say that I’m sorry…I’m sorry that you are so weak and offended by something such as who is first to give their feedback. I pay to be a patreon member, so that one of the things I can do, is give my feedback. I want to go to sleep, so I dont exactly plan to sit around waiting for other people. If you want to be first, get in and post.

I cant believe this is something that is even a thing.


Ha ha ha ha- relevant


Well we were taught in preschool to take turns… and I am greedy so I don’t follow that rule. More power to you, keep it up.


I thought it was discourteous when people posted a blank post to reserve their spot on the LAW threads (because they didn’t always get to all of the feedback), but John and Wai pretty much read all of the feedback every show as far as I know, so who cares?

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There is nothing really discourteous about it, when everyone has equal opportunity to do it. If it is going to ruin someones day, because their feedback doesnt get read, then get in and post early. I fail to see what the issue is with what feedback is posted in what order.

This was a fabulous Alexa Bliss style promo!
I give this a Large 1 milk 1 sugar


I do want to apologize, in advance, for the squash match, that will happen to your fantasy football team.:joy::joy::joy:. Good luck bud. It’s going to be a fun one.


Honestly, I’ve never noticed it. More power to you if you sit through and provide feedback on those terrible nights of RAW. But if you’re creating a stable of heels on the boards here, I can be your heavy.



Too Sweet - Whoop Whoop


I figure you took the time to write a great heel promo - I had to mirror the crowd

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I enjoyed Wai just shitting all over the feedback and cutting John off before he could continue reading that garbage.

Imagine going out of your way to post on a wrestling message board that men should be able to hit the women. Yes, that’s what we need in 2018. Brie Bella getting beat up by the Miz. Great contribution.

Sorry i have no idea who you are OP.

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But we need women beating up men, right? Because women empowerment! Lets show that they can do whatever they want, because female on male violence doesnt exist, right? Dont worry, since I know who one of you are now, you’re gonna hear a lot more of that garbage first.

Weird that you have no idea who I am, when I’m your most replied to person on the forum. Funny how that works.

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I for one accept your apology!

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You honestly don’t see the difference between male on female violence and female on male?

Violence is violence, no matter who is doing it. Sure, most men are bigger than women, that doesn’t mean it’s alright for women to do whatever they want and abuse men. Are you trying to tell me if this were real, it’s perfectly acceptable for Brie Bella to punch Miz in the face multiple times, just because she’s a girl and smaller than him?

Female on male violence happens. I’ve had a friend who dealt with it, so don’t come to me and try and play it off like it’s not a big deal. If you are going to portray any type of violence between men and women, you either have it both ways or you don’t have it at all.

Intergender matches are happening all over the indies right now. Let’s not pretend like this is some off topic thing. Male wrestlers are doing a hell of a lot worse to females all over. Hell, even on Lucha Underground, which has a tv platform.

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Lol. I’ll leave this one. If someone is this upset that he can’t see men beat up women on tv, then there’s nothing I can say to convince you otherwise.

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Men beat up women in other promotions and no one bats and eye. Men beat up women on tv shows and movies all the time. It’s not fucking real life. It’s fake entertainment. When you can come to me and tell me why it’s perfectly fine for women to abuse men, then you may have a leg to stand on.

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I would rather read a debate on the merits of Alex Riley…

Alex Riley should be main eventing Manias with Ken Doane right now. Maybe if he would of worn gyms and a cut off t shirt you guys would see what I see.