Just Want To Apologize To Some Of You


There’s a large portion of wwes audience who don’t know it’s scripted.




Of all the very many things you can complain about concerning the WWE product and wrestling in general, this is such a weird, deranged ‘issue’ to make a fuss about. Especially as you’re making the argument yourself that it’s fake entertainment - which is exactly why they’re using the entertainment trope of ‘woman hits man, but man doesn’t hit woman’. Your passion concerning this is even stranger considering this is the same company who are working with the notoriously sexist Saudi Arabian government and running massive money making shows where they’re actively refusing to let women work. But yeah…that same fake entertainment isn’t allowing the men to fake hit the women, what a travesty.

I don’t care that you provide feedback first so often, because i don’t think it matters in any way, i hadn’t even noticed. However, there’s a reason Wai cut John off when reading your feedback and why others are criticising you in the thread and it’s more than just disagreeing with your opinion; a light hearted pro wrestling podcast isn’t exactly the most appropriate time or place (Wai literally said this) to start ranting like a young guy who’s recently been indoctrinated by MRA Youtube videos and wants to shoehorn their new found opinion into a discussion. Whether you actually had a legitimate a point or not just the way you wrote it made your feedback this week embarrassing to listen to and i felt sorry for Wai and John for having to so tactfully maneuver around it.


I agree with that, so again…why is it ok for women to attack men? This is a thing in real life. It exists. Just because it isn’t reported on, doesn’t mean it’s not a thing.


If you were making the point that their shouldn’t be angles where women hit men. I wouldn’t necessarily agree, but it could be argued as a fair point. That is not the point you have been making though.


I want an even playing field for everyone, I don’t see the issue in that. Either there is no violence between men and women or there is. Not for it to be ok one way and not the other.


No need to infantilize one group of people over another. That is why I think Chyna was so significant to the Woman’s Revolution, she broke down the walls.

At All In, a women (I am not familiar with her, I am sorry for not naming her directly) participated in the Over Budget Battle Royale, and I loved every second of it. She went toe to toe with the men and it was entertaining.

When you say in an entertainment medium, that is scripted a man can bump for a woman but a woman can’t bump for a man it says to some fans/viewers that women are more fragile and in need of protection. That isn’t the case, I have yet to meet a female wrestler that wasn’t tough as nails.

I don’t see a women in the indies being smacked around in some abusive way, these are bumps we are talking about not some angle where a man just backhands a woman and makes her kowtow to him.

I think WWE is risk adverse, which is fine it is their brand but I don’t enjoy mixed tag matches because the rules are very uneven, and it takes the strategy element out of tag matches.

A major point is to keep your opponent in the ring, avoid them from bringing in their fresh partner. A mixed tag match is just two singles matches that are staggered, that is boring.


When it fits the storyline, such as Chyna, I have little problem with it though I am not a fan of having inter gender matches as the norm. As a manufactured sporting contest, it tends to make more sense for them to have separate divisions as they do in non-manufactured sporting contests.

I just find it weird that this is the hill the OP wants to die on.


What better way to end the stigma of pro wrestling fans being knuckle drugging, slack jawed hillbillies by advocating men on women violence.

Even in movies, the female protagonist getting beaten up by a man is uncomfortable.

Just because something is done on the indies doesn’t mean WWE should do it. They don’t have the advertisers and watchdog groups watching their shit.


It’s funny that people are so cool with female on male violence though. There’s nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t really happen in real life.

Until more men start coming out and the media covers it, then the hypocrites will be against it.


When females take over the world and subjugate men like it’s been since the beginning of recorded history…I’ll stick to taking any punches like a man and stick to mantra “real men don’t hit women” that my daddy taught me.

Domestic violence cases are not even in the same universe let alone close enough to pretend that shit is equal.

False equivalence and whataboutism isn’t pointing out hypocrisy. It’s just something really easy to do.


Yes, you’re right. Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin not fake hitting Brie Bella on an episode of the critically acclaimed, highly watched, revered and influential WWE Smackdown pro wrestling program means the world is cool with female on male violence if we even believe it exists at all.

That’s some absolutely brilliant social commentary, well done.


I get it, it’s cool. Just like it was alright when Bubba Ray was putting women through tables and Vince was making women bark like dogs. Everyone loved that, until people got brains in real life and the WWE stopped it. Same will happen again eventually and you won’t see Brie Bella assaulting men or Ronda Rousey beating the shit out of HHH or Kurt Angle.


In addition to living in a time where male on female violence is hard to stomach as a viewer, something that isn’t insignificant is the alignment of the participants. It’s far easier for the audience to accept a man resorting to fighting back against a woman if the woman is a heel (i.e… Hogan’s countless atomic drops to Sherri or Cena putting his hands on Lita). In this instance, Miz punching Brie would be the cheapest form of cheap heat. Maybe they could have gotten away with him giving her a Skull-Crushing Finale…But I think even that would be pushing the boundaries of what current day WWE programming is.

My bigger issue with this fued is that it doesn’t feel as real and as heated as it could. I think the MarMiz vs. Cena/Nikki fued had more heat than this fued with the Bryans. :100:


I can see your point there…but what about when a face(Ronda) beats the shit out of another face(Kurt Angle)? That was far more than little Brie Bella punching Miz, Ronda can legit kick a lot of guys asses and she just pounded on this man, for doing his job. No one gave a shit about that. No one thought that was hard to watch, infact a lot of people praised it(as did I, because I dont have a problem with it). She didnt just give him a wrestling move or whatever, she didnt get what she wanted and took her problems out on him. I fail to see how that is acceptable, but a man defending himself is not.


The two-way issue is a gray area. TBF, one of my, if not the, most favoite match is one that consists of Candice Lerae being super kicked in the face with a spiked-shoe. I’ll never condone violence towards women, but also, Pro Wrestling is an art, i.e. movies. What it comes down to is, whom is the said company’s demographic? TBH, I don’t feel children need to see a woman getting punched in the face or superkicked by a guy.

Btw, if the source wasn’t coming from two honest and straight-forward guys, like John and Wai, I’d call some serious bullshit on someone complaining about the feedback-placement.:joy::joy:


Back on topic

The fan feedback is always the worst part of the reviews. Discuss…


You have multiple hypocritical points in every single post you have written here.


The worst part is the feedback from the person who posts first. :wink:


Yet you still listen to it. Its weird that I’m so important in your life, that you care what I write in my feedback. I really dont give a shit what anyone else writes in their feedback.