KAIRI decided in May 2023 that she was going to take leave of absence

Originally published at KAIRI decided in May 2023 that she was going to take leave of absence

The reception to the announcement was better than what she was expecting. 

At the end of September 2023, the first-ever IWGP Women’s Champion KAIRI is going to take a leave of absence from pro wrestling. KAIRI has select in-ring dates scheduled out for this month and that tour has already begun. The news of KAIRI’s hiatus came shortly after it had been reported by both F4WOnline and PWInsider that she is returning to WWE. 

Proresu-TODAY caught up with KAIRI and she told the outlet she was nervous when she made the announcement about her hiatus, but the response was better than what she expected. 

It was around May that I decided to take an indefinite leave of absence in September, but up to that point, I was in a state of confusion, and I wanted to say something, but it took a lot of courage, and I think this kind of announcement is a big deal in one’s career, so I kept it bottled up. I was very nervous when I made the announcement, but the response was more than I expected, and I am very grateful for the attention I received for such a personal matter.

One of the promotions that KAIRI has competed for before her leave of absence was Sendai Girls’, which was co-founded by Meiko Satomura. 

She wrestled for the promotion on 9/2 and KAIRI expressed how grateful she is to Satomura. She said it’s because of the matches she’s had with Meiko that played a role in her getting to where she is present day. 

But I am especially grateful to (Meiko) Satomura and others. It was because of the matches with Satomura that I am here today. I really want to give something back to her, even if it is just a little.

On KAIRI’s birthday, September 23rd, she is hosting a cruise event and fans can purchase a ticket to attend. She’ll be doing a talk show and said that she may say something beyond the limit of what she can share regarding her future.

KAIRI added that it’ll be a talk that can only be heard at the event.