KAIRI to be in action at All Japan's September 8th show

Originally published at KAIRI to be in action at All Japan's September 8th show

All Japan’s September event will feature KAIRI. 

At the August 6th All Japan Pro Wrestling show in Chiba, Japan, Unagi Sakaya appeared and joining her in the ring was the first-ever IWGP Women’s Champion KAIRI. KAIRI defeated Sakaya back in June at Kenta Kobashi’s Fortune Dream 8 event. 

While KAIRI was in the ring with Sakaya, she denied her request to team with her. Instead, KAIRI is going to team with Saori Anou to take on Unagi and a mystery partner at All Japan’s September 8th event. 


KAIRI……!!!!!#ajpw pic.twitter.com/5IKpyOg3tR

— 全日本プロレス/alljapan (@alljapan_pw) August 6, 2023

最強のパートナー KAIRI選手に組むことを拒否されてしまったウナギ・サヤカ選手…

ウナギ・サヤカ選手は女子プロレス最高のカードのための最強のパートナーを連れてくると宣言!!#ajpw pic.twitter.com/rBq5sV9DFq

— 全日本プロレス/alljapan (@alljapan_pw) August 6, 2023

KAIRI shared on X that she’ll be hosting a press conference today. 

PWInsider was first to report that she is returning to WWE. Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline corroborated the story and stated that she’s coming back after finishing her dates in Japan.