Kaito Kiyomiya defeats Kenoh for GHC Heavyweight Championship

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2022/09/25/kaito-kiyomiya-defeats-kenoh-for-ghc-heavyweight-championship/

A new GHC Heavyweight Champion is crowned.

Headlining today’s Pro Wrestling NOAH show was a GHC Heavyweight Championship match between the champion Kenoh and challenger Kaito Kiyomiya.

In the end, it was Kiyomiya with the championship over his shoulder as he defeated Kenoh in a 26-minute bout. Kiyomiya has now kicked off his second GHC Heavyweight Title reign.

Post-match, as Kiyomiya was speaking to the audience, he was approached by Kazuyuki Fujita who tagged with Keiji Muto earlier in the night as a part of Muto’s retirement tour.




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Fujita is next in line to challenge for the championship. He racked up ten points in the N-1 Victory tournament that was won by Kiyomiya. Fujita defeated Kenoh in the tourney while Kenoh was still champion.