Karen Jarrett looks back on the on-screen story involving herself, Kurt Angle & Jeff Jarrett, glad it's over

Originally published at Karen Jarrett looks back on the on-screen story involving herself, Kurt Angle & Jeff Jarrett, glad it's over

Jarrett hopes something more comes out of her involvement in the Ric Flair ‘Last Match’ angle.

12 years ago, an on-screen storyline kicked off in TNA Wrestling involving Karen Jarrett, Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle. Angle and Karen separated years prior and in 2010, Jeff and Karen got married.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Karen stated that people thought they knew what was going on. She said nobody knew she left Kurt and they had separated twice already at that point but they kept it under wraps. As far as the storyline goes, she is sure it was uncomfortable and shocking to see, but their children knew it was not real-life and she’s glad it’s over.

I think because they thought they knew what was going on, but they didn’t. Nobody knew that I had left my previous husband and we had separated twice before. We always kept that under wraps. I don’t think that it’s right to put anybody’s dirty laundry out there if you have kids. Even today, 20 years from now or 40 years from now, I wouldn’t try to defend myself or throw the other side. I don’t think that it is right to do. But I would get upset, but the truth will always come out eventually.

I don’t know what everyone’s initial reaction was. Even now if something is pitched, I am just like whatever Jeff wants us to do. I don’t really know. I am sure that it was and uncomfortable the way that I was. But at the same time, we did the storyline, our kids are backstage and everything is good. Our kids knew that it was not real life and that everything was good. But I am glad that all of that is over.

Karen was a part of the build to Ric Flair’s Last Match which included her husband Jeff. Ric and Andrade El Idolo ended up defeating Jarrett and Jay Lethal.

She stated that when she was chatting to Brian ‘Road Dogg’ James, who was one of the producers for the show, she expressed that she wanted the attention to be solely on Jeff. Jeff was of the mindset that he wanted Karen featured alongside him. She was not big on the idea so she went to Sonjay Dutt, who sided with Jeff as well.

So that day . He was like, ‘I agree with Jeff.’ You’re all assholes. So we ended up doing it his way and it worked out, but I tried to stay away from him and letting him do his thing. Normally I would be in the ring and taunting everyone and acting like a crazy lady. For me, I want those shots of him in that outfit in our house. People think I am crazy, but it could be his last match. It won’t be though.

Further speaking on that, Karen said there was a period of time when she had zero desire to be involved in pro wrestling. The story with Ric Flair reeled her back in and she hopes there could be more for her in the future.

For about 4 years, I had zero desire to do anything wrestling related. I was very happy being a wife, being a mom and being out of the drama. This whole thing, because of the storyline , and it wasn’t just a match, I got sucked so far back in. I hope something comes of it and I want something to come of it, no matter what it is.

Kurt Angle was present on the 8/29 Monday Night Raw in Pittsburgh. To get a recap of his segments, head over to this link. Jeff Jarrett wrapped up his role as WWE Senior Vice President of Live Events and now taking on that position is Brian ‘Road Dogg’ James.