Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows confirm signing with Impact

Did you watch Talk N Shop? They were two year deals offered and were going to be brought in as Jericho’s muscle.

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No, never heard of it. For how much?

That’s what this thread is all about. Odd that you’re weighing in without any knowledge about what was discussed


Like in the podcast itself Gallows and Anderson basically say it was a huge mistake to sign with WWE so it was a bad move to them

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Sorry, I thought I was clear in my earlier post that I hadn’t listed yet. Unfortunately I don’t have the time right now to keep up with everything. I could understand you calling it “odd” if I didnt listen yet but pretended like I did, however I was completely up front. My impression of this board (which I love) is that its a pretty inclusive place where we are all welcome to share our opinions. I think its a bit unrealistic to expect people to know every detail about everything that is going on, and when they don’t, they should ask (which I did). I am aware of the situation regarding Gallows/Anderson, I just didn’t listen to this particular interview. If John or Wai have an issue with me commenting, I assume they would message me and I would respect that. If you have an issue with me commenting, feel free to block me or ignore me.

Personally I like to understand exactly what I’m commenting on before I speak but that’s just me

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If you have an issue with me just PM me. Being passive aggressive on a message board because someone disagrees with you is lame.

There’s no disagreement here. You haven’t listened to the interview or anything about what was said on it. It’s very easy to google this information. Maybe try that next time


If you have an issue with me just PM me. Again, being passive aggressive on a message board because someone disagrees with you is lame.

edit Not sure why/how you came to the conclusion that I haven’t looked anything up that was said on the podcast. I did, I just didnt listen to the entire 2 hours. For the things things I was unsure of, I asked in a thread dedicated to the podcast interview. I didnt think that would upset anyone, which to be fair it didn’t outside of you.

Ya I found that odd when I read that. At the end of day it’s Vince that makes the call. Even if Paul wasn’t a fan of them, he doesn’t have the ultimate say with hiring or firing. I don’t think they should have been fired, but at the same time they were hard to watch in the ring sometimes.

I mean, I don’t care who you are; if you get fired from your job, its gonna suck. Especially after signing new contracts for big money. Yes, nobody forced them to sign anything. Yes, they are grown adults. But it still sucks to lose your job, especially in the middle of a global pandemic


As noted by several posters above, WWE contracts are probably very tricky for performers to reconcile. It’s tough, particularly when you have a family to support, to turn down the biggest money offer on the table. And talented guys like Anderson and Gallows will always have other offers – though perhaps not as lucrative or high-profile – so getting released isn’t the end of the world for them in that regard.

And don’t forget that, up until March/April of this year, nobody thought there would still be a lack of independent dates, conventions, etc. now and possibly into 2021, not to mention a down economy in general. Getting the “90-day contract” treatment from WWE probably didn’t seem like such a risk at the time that they (and others) signed their most recent deals.


Well said. This entire year has been an anomaly in the real world and in the wrestling world. Nobody could have seen this coming.

I have a gut feeling that Vince never really wanted to sign Gallows and Anderson, but felt forced to due to AEW and ended up agreeing to give them a contract that he didn’t think they deserved. Then when the pandemic started and the landscape changed, he just decided to cut bait. Not defending him, just my perspective on what he was probably thinking. The fact that many of the people who were at some point in disputes/requesting their release were cut, just reinforces that for me.

To quote another ex-WWE employee, “Au contraire, mon frere”. The subtext of the interview is they are disappointed in being let go and don’t think they were treated fairly.

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Of course it does. Just don’t be surprised when you are dealing with a company who has a long history of displaying few morals.

Ya I get that, but I don’t think they care is posters on a message board feel sorry for them or not. They’re doing an interview are just being honest (or at least framing things the way they want to frame them, they are wrestlers lol)

I’m not even necessarily against you, people complain about the contracts, but at the end of the day nobody is forcing any of these performers to sign them. They are choosing money over security, it’s a gamble and for these two it didn’t pay off. Does it suck, yes. Is it shitty of WWE to do it during these circumstances, yes. But that’s part of the gamble. Even with collective bargaining it can happen, just look at the NFL.

Bad comparison. In the NFL guys would not be released less than a year into a five-year deal. If they did they would make out much better because a lot of those contracts are front loaded or there are signing bonuses.

It’s what happens when you have a union

I’m not going to argue semantics with you. I never said it was identical.

God, I miss John having to recap TJP promos