Karl Anderson talks missing NJPW's 6/3 show, tested positive when he arrived to Japan

Originally published at Karl Anderson talks missing NJPW's 6/3 show, tested positive when he arrived to Japan

Along with Anderson, Will Ospreay and Tanga Loa also missed the 6/3 event.

The finals of New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s Best of the Super Juniors tournament concluded on June 3rd and the likes of Karl Anderson, Will Ospreay and Tanga Loa were pulled from the Nippon Budokan show. Ospreay was recovering from a kidney infection, Tanga Loa was sidelined with an injury and Anderson tested positive for COVID.

Anderson is currently in Japan in preparation for Dominion on 6/12 when he’ll be challenging Tama Tonga for the NEVER Openweight Title. He and Rocky Romero recorded a new episode of Talk’n Shop and Anderson shared that the day before his flight to Japan, he tested negative for COVID and then tested positive when he arrived.

We’re in Tokyo, I’m free. I didn’t really explain this yet. Well I landed in — so guys, I tested negative for COVID the day before I flew which was rules, you’re supposed to do that. I get on a plane, I fly, I land in Tokyo and I tested positive. I go, ‘What!? How?’ Obviously, I have no temperature, my oxygen saturation was perfect, I didn’t have any symptoms. I missed the show in Tokyo, I missed the Budokan Tokyo show and I got shipped to a Japanese Government hotel for eight nights and you can’t leave your room. I had all these , and then when I saw Jay White got his number called, he went through and then this other guy got called, he went through. Chase Owens got his call, went through. I got tested before them and I went, ‘Impossible that it’s gonna come back positive, impossible’ because just yesterday or whatever it was, I was completely negative with the shove up my nose and the PCR, the doctors and everything. So that’s the weirdness with this sickness. Everyone stay safe. I felt great because I guess — who knows if I could have given it to someone or somebody gave it to me. I didn’t know. How did I get it?

The newest member of BULLET CLUB is IMPACT X Division Champion Ace Austin. Anderson was asked about the idea of Austin joining the group, but said the final decision about who is part of BULLET CLUB is up to the powers that be.

Well I was asked about it .

No and that’s not saying I didn’t want him in there. I think that’s a great shot for him. You can hate on the BULLET CLUB no matter what, of course. Anything that’s done successful is gonna get hated on. But you can’t deny that it’s gonna help your career. Got him over here didn’t it?

Austin now joins Chris Bey, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson as talents in IMPACT who are a part of BULLET CLUB. Ace finished 4th in the A Block of this year’s Best of the Super Juniors. He ended his run with ten points.

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