Karrion Kross on Main Event

So they decide to take away his entire entrance for Main Event. What was the point of debuting him like this and why expose him this way?

Keep in mind this is the NXT champion. I’m actually a fan of the guy but this decision is just bizarre

You can’t have some scrub from developmental showing up and making all the superstars on Main Event look like small-timers, pal.


You take away one of the best things about him. I don’t get it.

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It just proves NXT is not a third brand no matter how much Johnny Gargano tries to tell people it is.

It’s developmental and nothing that happens there matters on the big shows.


Nothing says “Don’t get emotionally invested in our product” than this.

I can’t bring myself to care much about NXT, Raw, or Smackdown, because nothing “matters”. This just proves that all the talent on their roster are simply warm bodies to fill spots. They hire some of the best talent in the world, but everything they do on TV is at the whims of a shortsighted 75 Year old with ADD.