Kate as permanent RAS host?

I gotta say, it’s been on my mind for awhile now(I really loved the back to back of RAS & then the RoH ppv where kate brought up how her predictions from last night were wrong while reviewing the ppv), and this last month has really solidified it. I would love it if I here was a way to have Kate become a permanent fixture of Fridays show, and maybe have John & Wai trade back and forth as the other host. Love her insights, she always provides a perspective that’s different from everyone else who hosts, and I’m sure John & Wai would very much enjoy a night off every week.

If it’s not feasible, at least know that Kate has been absolutely killing it!!


I pay it to hear John and Wai. There is no way I would want a permanent change, unless one of them just couldnt do it anymore. I have followed them for years and hearing them together is the draw for me.

If there was ever going to be a regular host though, @cnoevil and @Celticy are both top quality. I feel like they have the same vibe as John and Wai and I enjoy listening to them.


I agree that Kate has done an amazing job as guest host, and when one of them can’t do it she is a great addition.

With that said, like @Rated_R_Poster said, “I pay to hear John and Wai” because of the amazing chemistry they have spent more then a decade building.

If you’re suggesting a new show featuring Kate, that I think would be a great idea!

Agnew started switching around hosts on SNME and it kind of ruined the flow of the show. Podcasts are always at their best when there is a consistency with the hosts.


I mean after this weeks I think I need a “Kate’s Takes” podcast lol


I really would like a Kate and Karen pod and have no idea if they have chemistry but the idea of them running through all the various things they are watching and offering an all female
perspective on the wrestling scene would be a cool feature of POST.

Kate has developed into a great rotating guest on these shows. I don’t know if true or not but I almost sense the more she discusses Wrestling on the pod her perspectives have changed over time. I also love that she watches stuff. That she consumes Dark and can add insight to lesser seen talent is a feature I now listen for. She’s bringing value more than just filling in.

I’m sure she’ll read all this and I hope she interprets it as an endorsement and praise. I’ll admit a year ago I didn’t love all the rants (takes?) but now I find them well articulated and thoughtful and they come across great on the pod.

Sign me up for Karen & Kate’s Wrestling Takes


Maybe John and Wai can feature “Kate’s Takes” every Friday? I don’t know if that is a possibility (or even if she is interested in the job) but as for me I’d like that :slight_smile: By the way, congrats Wai


I saw this on my digest email and felt compelled to type a response. All, John and Wai have a way to communicate privately regarding issues. Crowd sourcing thoughts and feelings is a HORRIBLE idea. Anything else I type would lead into opinions.

Let’s be respectful of peoples lives, even if from a positive place

What in this thread was disrespectful towards anybody? Not one person said a negative thing about John, Wai, or Kate.

Errrr… No. Classic example of people overthinking things just for the sake of it.

Here’s a take. Other than the Raw show Brayden H was on, I left every other Rewind show thinking of how much I missed Wai Ting. Wai’s chemistry with John is unmatched and I genuinely love hearing his opinions. I mean no disrespect to anyone else. They did fantastic. They are just not Wai Ting.

Here’s another idea and I am by no means calling for it. Just throwing it out there. Maybe John and Wai just stop reviewing Rampage and start RAS at 10pm. It would save me, and I’m sure plenty others, who don’t watch Rampage having to wait a whole hour to catch the live show. Their nights can finish early. I mean Wai has a newborn. Every hour means a lot. They both acknowledged it as the B show. There’s really no point wasting their time on this unless there’s something big announced ahead of time.

Then you can have Kate or somebody else review Rampage and drop it on the podcast feed in the morning.