Kazuchika Okada accepts Will Ospreay's challenge for a match at Wrestle Kingdom

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2020/11/07/kazuchika-okada-accepts-will-ospreays-challenge-for-a-match-at-wrestle-kingdom/

At NJPW Power Struggle, Kazuchika Okada defeated Great-O-Khan via referee stoppage by way of Okada’s ‘Cobra Clutch’ submission maneuver. Will Ospreay, who formed ‘The Empire’ with Great-O-Khan and Bea Priestley during the G1 Climax tournament stepped into the ring with Okada after his victory. Ospreay made the claim that he has enjoyed the lavish things that life has brought him since he turned his back on Okada but he also needs to defeat Okada.

Ospreay issued the challenge to the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion for a match at Wrestle Kingdom 15 and Okada accepted the challenge. It was not confirmed which night of Wrestle Kingdom the match will take place on.

Back in October, Takami Obari, who is the new President of NJPW after taking over from Harold Meij, did an interview with Tokyo Sports and stated that a limit of 20,000 people per Tokyo Dome show is set for January 4th and 5th.

I kind of saw a lot of Okada vs. Ospreasy showdowns. Don’t get me wrong, they’re magical in the ring with each other, but it gets old after a while.