KEEP IT 2000: Ep. 23 – “The Red Liquid” with Damian Abraham (June 5, 2000)

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The Satellite of Hate is back in orbit as brothers Brian Mann and Nate Milton are joined by Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham to review a Nitro that Brian attended back in 2000. Also included on the June 5th edition of Nitro - Russo and Bischoff book themselves against legends, Hogan heads back to Hollywood, and the in-ring return of Goldberg. Then, a surprise appearance from Brian’s dad!

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Great to have you guys back and it sounded like you didn’t miss a step at all. Felt like you guys haven’t been gone at all.

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Thank you so much for coming back! This totally made my day!

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Beyond excited to hear this

Is there something up with the RSS feed? This is not downloading into my podcast app (Downcast).

Are you using ? Seems working for me.

When i manually added the link you just gave, I can see the new episode.

However, when I searched for “Keep it 2000” on the Downcast search directory (and it’s definitely the new one because the Post logo is on the thumbnail), it’s not there. All of the back episodes are there, as well as the announcement from last week, but the new episode is not there.

'Preciate the love, Brother!

It’s good to be back. New year, new home, & we’ve got some pretty good stuff planned for all the POST-Marks out there! :100:



Welcome back Brother Nate and Brother Mann, Battle Dome Invasion here we come…

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take everything the it’s still real to me, dammit! guy said and apply it to you and brother mann because like honestly keep it 2000 is the best

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Funny thing is I’m still working through all the episodes, just finished The April 17th 2000 episode… almost there.

Would love a fantasy booking edition one day, where instead of Russo and Bischoff we get Brian and Nate rebooking WCW for the rest of the year and having to finish out Kevin Sullivan’s storylines.

We might finally get Commissioner Arn Anderson.

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First time listening as I love most things Damian does. Great podcast, going to check the back catalogue.

Gotta be honest, kind of disappointed. Saw the thumbnail and thought Katey Sagal was on Nitro. WCW.

loved this episode, i watched the episode and then laughed during my commute with Nate and Brian in my years. It was a genuine to hear Brian’s dad share his outsider perspective, too.

Looking forward to the next one.

do know how frequently these will come out?

I’ve missed hearing the torture these guys go through listening to these terrible shows. So glad to hear they’re back!

Every other Thursday

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What Brother Ting said. :100:


Was so nice to ear that The Satellite of hate was back in orbit. Awesome comeback and with a special guest like Damian you can’t do no wrong :pray::+1:


So happy the Satelite was relaunched after coming under the Post Wrestling Network. As someone who wasn’t watching WCW most weeks you’ve given me a reason to go back & watch these classic Nitro’s.

Also I’ve always wanted to hear @PodFatherSOH views on the Australian tour of 2000 WCW & their use of “The Man Called Sting”!


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