KEEP IT 2000: Ep. 25 – “Rock N Roll, Make-Up, Fire” with Robert Karpeles (June 19, 2000)

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Former WWE Creative member and @WWECreative_Ish mastermind Robert Karpeles joins Brian Mann and Nate Milton to discuss a surprise Russo-less Nitro. Ernest Miller is now in charge and he isn’t wasting time changing the rules and booking World Title matches. Plus, Lance Storm makes his WCW debut.

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Always enjoy Karpeles, a funny guy, and works well with Brian and Nate here.

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Loved Karpeles’ comedy style and messed well with you guys. I also didn’t realise this was another soft reset for WCW, I really thought Russo stayed on creative until he left for good later in 2000.

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This is just hilarious. So glad its back. I prefer the truly dire shows than the moderately bad ones. But then I am not watching them…

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You are in for a treat then,if the lads manage to keep going.I made it to mid October 2000 before calling it a day.Will attempt the last few months of 2000 when i get out of therapy.

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I don’t like complaining about where the shows are available. …but I use pod paradise as my primary source and I haven’t seen this one yet.

Unsure how you subscribe to the show but perhaps try re-adding the RSS?

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