KEEP IT 2000: Ep. 26 – “Hacksaw Is Ready” with Mouse Jones (June 26, 2000)

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Mouse Jones (TRL, He Man Women Haters Club) hops on the Satellite of Hate with Brian Mann and Nate Milton to discuss another chapter in the Terry Taylor Era. The Cat makes a four corners title match, Kanyon signs books, and Jim Duggan is sacrificed at the altar of Goldberg. Come for the Nitro review, stay for the Roll Bounce vs. 8 Mile debate.

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Another fun review guys. Had no clue they tried so hard to make Goldberg a heel and didn’t know they did this story with Jim Duggan.

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Pound-For-Pound, this may be the Keep It 2000 episode with the most “Oh Snap!” moments to date.

Mouse was a great Test Subject, hope the POST-Marks enjoy this episode because we had a ton of fun making it! :100:



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