KEEP IT 2000: Ep. 33 – “I Own WCW” with Chris Urbanowicz (March 26, 2001)

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The Satellite of Hate has reached a premature end to its time in orbit as Brian Mann and Nate Milton are joined by Chris Urbanowicz to review the final edition of Nitro. Why is the show ending? Why is Shane McMahon on Nitro? Why is Ric Flair wrestling in a t-shirt?

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Thanks for this episode guys and you picked the perfect final guest! This may be a goodbye for this podcast but I do hope both you guys pop up on POST podcasts in the future. I know Brother Nate is doing a show about Slammiversary with John but would love to hear both you guys come back on other shows. Really the only thing left to do is applaud you guys!

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Great finale. Guess we’ll be seeing you both down the road…

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Thank You Satellite! clap clap clap-clap-clap

I’ve been a part of some much much much lesser known podcasts that came to an end due to the same reasons.

Not quite gone, certainly never forgotten. A very nice finale for a crazy idea of a show.

Great final guest in Chris too, who was especially on fire during it despite enjoying it more than the previous episodes he had to watch.

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Brother Chris was always the secret weapon of the show! :100:

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