Keep It 2018...

Hey POST-Marks,

Do you remember back in the mid-2000’s when folks really wanted a “Ghostbusters 3” film & then Ramis, Aykroyd, & the crew ended up telling that story in a video game? Well there was a mini “Keep It 2000” reunion on this week’s edition of “The Kings Of Sport” that kind of feels like that old Ghostbusters game. Brian Mann filled in for a vacationing Marcus Vanderberg & a great time was had by all.

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When you think you’ve finally kicked the habit, here comes your old dealer with that “nostalgia!”

Always love me some KOS! Will listen later today!

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Awesome! I’ll give this a listen later.

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“I’m your mama, I’m your daddy;
I’m that brother in the alley.
I’m your doctor, when in need;
Want some coke, have some weed.
You know me, I’m your friend;
Your main man, thick and thin.
I’m your pusher-man…” :joy::100: