"Keep It 2019"

Not to infringe on Diamond Dave’s old gimmick from The L.A.W., but…

“Guess who’s back, back again?”

On the eve of AEW’s “Full Gear” PPV, the Satellite Of Hate crew reunites for one night only to give a 2019 “State Of The Bidness Address”.

Topics discussed include the rise of AEW, NXT on USA, WWE’s main roster woes, the horrible finish of Kofi Kingston’s historic championship reign, Seth Rollins’, Cody Rhodes, the “Lesnar Bump Challenge”, and more!

The show is available to all Kings Of Sport Patreon subscribers now & will be released on the KOS free feed tomorrow morning! :artificial_satellite::studio_microphone::100:



Nate be doing the Lord’s work, one podcast at a time!:+1:t5:

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