Keiji Muto: It would be nice if the week after New Year's was like WrestleMania week for Japan

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Keiji Muto’s proposal for a ‘wrestling week’ in Japan.

Next month, Pro Wrestling NOAH and New Japan Pro-Wrestling are coming together to present a joint-show which is going to be the third day of Wrestle Kingdom 16. Current GHC Tag Team Champion Keiji Muto has been spotlighted in the promotional material for the upcoming show and he recently spoke with Tokyo Sports about the event.

During the first ten days of the new year, NOAH is running Nippon Budokan, Wrestle Kingdom 16 is taking place along with STARDOM and All Japan Pro Wrestling running their new year’s shows. Muto suggested the idea of New Year’s being Japan’s WrestleMania week.

A week after the new year? That’s a lot of work for me, too. I really want to spend New Year’s at home drinking. I’m from the Showa era. But in a good way, it would be nice if the week after New Year’s were like WrestleMania week in April in the U.S. It would be like the pro wrestling version of ‘Go To Travel’. It’s the pro wrestling version of ‘Go To Travel.’ That would revitalize Japan and pro wrestling.

STARDOM’s Tokyo Super Wars show took place on November 27th and was headlined by Utami Hayashishita defending the World of STARDOM Championship against Maika. To read POST Wrestling’s recap of the show, head over to this link.