Keith Lee appears in background of CM Punk interview during WWE Hall of Fame ceremony

Originally published at Keith Lee appears in background of CM Punk interview during WWE Hall of Fame ceremony

After the cameo, cameras cut over to an interview with Mia Yim. 

Before the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony officially began, Kayla Braxton and Cathy Kelley were conducting interviews with talents and Hall of Famers. 

As Braxton was speaking to CM Punk, Keith Lee appeared in the background. After Lee walked out of frame, cameras cut over to Cathy who was interviewing Mia Yim, who is married to Lee. 

Keith Lee has been with AEW since 2022. He last wrestled on the December 23rd episode of Collison. He was scheduled to compete at the Worlds End pay-per-view against Swerve Strickland, but pulled out of the match due to an injury he had been dealing with since 2022.

“Was… was that Bearcat?” - Vince McMahon watching while he’s sitting in his gold plated bedroom and resting on his diamond encrusted pillow

Why is this news?? a bunch of WWE people are in relationships with AEW people, of course they’ll be in attendance

I’m all honesty if he and Adam Cole stayed in WWE and Adam was a manager and Keith became Bearcat they would both likely be in better spots then they are now

Forbidden Door my ASS!
Finally, HE - IS - LITMITLESS! :rofl: :rofl:

Keith Lee, I agree. But Adam Cole has been used in a pretty prominent position in AEW. I know some like to mock “big moments” now a days because of how badly WWE drives the term “Wrestlemania moment” into the ground, but the guy did main event the biggest AEW event in history this year and was involved in one of the hottest angles they ever had. Sucks that he got hurt, but I really dont think he is in a better spot in WWE.

I don’t think he would’ve got injured and I think as a manger he would have more upside

Are you saying this because you think Adam Cole has a ton of upside as a manager? Or because you think he’s overrated as a wrestler? Or both?

I don’t agree. COVID killed Lee, he’s washed.

Cole under Vince would have been a disaster too. The guy is simply super overrated. He’s a mid carder at best, his run in AEW has proven that.

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I don’t love the phrase, but some guys really are meant to be “indie darlings”. Cole was propped up because the ICW wanted a favorite who wasn’t in WWE, and then because they felt WWE wasn’t using him well (which is fair). But put him in AEW and there’s a dozen guys who are better than him at everything he does.

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I think he’s overrated as a wrestler. He’s fine on a smaller stage. He really didn’t excel as the devil and his new stable is garbage.

He’s just not a big enough personality I think to be a main star.

You probably wish Ricochet was a manager for Braun or something. Lol

I obviously don’t agree as I have stated many times that Adam Cole is one my favourite wrestlers in the world, and definitely my favourite performer in AEW. With that said, wrestling is subjective and I can’t call your opinion wrong, as your opinion is just as valid as mine.

Fair enough, I understand your point now.

don’t disagree with the devil crap, but I blame that on Tony and shitting writing.

I think Adam Cole was great in NXT. Or in a smaller promotion like that. I think the problem is when he’s in a bigger company he gets lost in the shuffle a little.

The best part about him is the entrance. But like a lot of guys have huge entrances when you get on large rosters. His entrance isn’t better than Cody’s or Romans or Jericho’s. But in NXT it was better than almost anyone’s.

I think the biggest thing that gets exposed is his mic skills. He had a chance with the devil to really lay down a savage character , but he doesn’t come across that way. He just I think ultimately comes across as either too goofy or too lighthearted to be taken seriously as a main event heal. And I think that’s his downfall when you’re on the big league stage.

In ring he’s as good as anybody, but the problem is in AEW that put you into a class of like 15 guys.

Wasnt it you that was saying how great the Adam Cole/MJF stuff was? It takes 2 to make something like that work.

I thought it started really good, but it wasn’t Adam Cole. I think it was all the MJF turning face.

And I do think Cole was OK in that role but the minute he turned heel like he can’t do it. He just comes across Very cartoonish. Like he’s not intimidating. He’s not getting a lot of heat. I don’t know, it just seems like that whole thing sucks right now.

I agree the devil stuff wasnt the greatest, but at the end of the day if he was asked to pay a cartoonish heel, I don’t think that is on him. In NXT he played heel and was great at it.

Those Cole/Gargano matches were horrendous. He was really bad in NXT with those 40-minute HBK wankfests.

He’s also been bad in AEW. The Jericho match was one of the worst last year and that whole feud sucked. MJF carried him to some interesting stuff but the Kingdom and Devil storyline has been total garbage.

He was fine for ROH back in the day but so many people have passed him by. He’s a terrible heel because he’s way too undersized and wrestles like a face. He’s a lower end Jay White to me.