Keith Lee debuts in AEW, Jay White appears during backstage segment

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Jay White and Keith Lee showed up on AEW Dynamite on Wednesday night from Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

White appeared during an interview segment where The Young Bucks & Adam Cole attacked Roppongi Vice of Trent Beretta and Rocky Romero.

After a BTE Trigger was delivered to Romero, Jay White walked into the scene and threw Beretta into the production truck.

In the next segment, Keith Lee made his promotional debut as the mystery opponent for Isiah Kassidy.

Lee defeated Kassidy to qualify for the ‘Face of the Revolution’ Ladder Match at the Revolution pay-per-view on Sunday, March 6th.

Lee was part of the mass cuts by WWE last year and his 90-day no-compete clause recently expired and thus, is eligible to appear on AEW programming.

#AEW's new free agent is @RealKeithLee!

Don’t miss another minute of the action! #AEWDynamite is LIVE on @TBSNetwork right now!

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) February 10, 2022


Love the addition! BUT if this is TK’s idea of the “forbidden door”, someone needs to teach him what that means.

At this point, what “Forbidden door” is left? And is that even possible?

Okada? Not sure about anyone else

Very possible, but I’d rather him not use it opposed to using it incorrectly. I think Shane would have applied, but I’d be shocked to see that happen.

Bringing people back from the Dead is more likely than a contracted wwe talent

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You know I’m not arguing that, right?


Keith Lee working outside the stifling WWE style was so much fun. It’s a crazy concept to actually let wrestlers wrestle their style.

But he still needs a tennis skirt to be a main eventer, pal.


Keith Lee literally looked exactly the same as he did on the main roster in WWE. I’m not sure what others were seeing. He hit the exact same moves and looked no different. He just had some fans behind him this time.

I cant wait for a real superstar like Jay White to show him what a real star looks like.

While I disagree with your takes on Lee overall, I agree with the first part here. People loose their shit over the dumbest things. Guy changes his tights in WWE and you would have thought someone was murdered based on the reaction on social media. He was presented the exact same as in WWE. Issue in WWE is they gave up on him.

Nah he never had a dominant win like that on WWE TV ever. Look at his cage match results - soooo many DQ’s, no contests and losses.

In WWE he also sold a ton and was mostly grounded because big men don’t work like that damn it. Why do you think he was sent to get re trained?

He also wore normal gear - not a tennis skirt and something to cover up his gut. Also did not have a bearclaw scratch because he’s not literally a Bearcat and doesn’t have to have claw marks on him because he’s a Bearcat and aggressive and a WWE superstar, damnit

With the hyped up “forbidden door” idea and big surprises theme for this episode, MJF stating “Good luck finding a partner in the locker room who doesn’t hate your guts”…did anybody else think for a moment that Punk’s partner was going to be Colt Cabana?