Keith Lee explains his absence from WWE TV, talks health issues, Mia Yim taking care of him

Originally published at Keith Lee explains his absence from WWE TV

Keith Lee opens up about what he’s gone through since earlier this year.

The night after WWE’s Money In The Bank pay-per-view, Keith Lee made his return to TV after being out of action since February of this year. Lee was scheduled to be a part of a three-way for the United States Title at the Elimination Chamber event but was pulled from the match.

Over the months, he would provide small updates on social media and note that he would one day explain why he has been absent. Lee uploaded a video to YouTube and detailed what he has gone through since earlier this year. He first shared that he contracted COVID-19 and that led to Mia Yim opting to stay home and take care of him and she caught the virus. Yim also missed out on an opportunity to compete in the 2021 women’s Royal Rumble match.

Keith came to find out that he had inflammation in his heart and at times, things became very bleak as he thought the worst outcome could come to fruition.

So as some of you know, toward the end of January, I missed about three weeks on TV. At that time, I had contracted COVID and actually before I continue, let me go ahead and point out something because I did see some disturbing and just rude remarks toward Mia Yim. Some stating that it was her fault that I was gone and some stating that she gave me COVID and what have you and let me go ahead and clear that up right now, that needs to be cleared. Were it not for her, I don’t know how things would’ve gone to be quite honest. I contracted COVID, she did not, actually for like three weeks and the only reason she did contract it was because she refused to not be there and take care of me and unfortunately, that ended up costing her an opportunity in the Royal Rumble. But, that was a chance she was willing to take so, at the end of the day, I’m grateful to her and it’s unfortunate that some of you aren’t grateful because the reality is there’s no telling how things would’ve gone without her assistance so, after that, I came back for one match against Mr. Riddle and I believe that was February 8th and then the next day I got a call saying that there was something off in my blood. Some people may have experienced this thing where there’s like an inflammation in the heart or lungs. For me it was the heart and that led to very scary times. I was basically forbidden from training or any activity outside of a light walk. So, there was the fear that doing more than that, that there was a chance that I could just up and pass away. So, for three or four months, this was kind of the case and I had several MRI’s on my heart. By the way, I don’t fit in those machines. It was terrible and my shoulders really struggled with that.

But, we had to do what we had to do, right? So this became a fight against death so to speak and it took up until the company sent me to Pittsburgh to get looked at and it was to the point where I was about to have to undergo genetic testing and all sorts of things because it was thought that there was a potential I could have a heart disease of sorts. Very fortunately, even though it took a long time, we waited that amount of time, for that allowed the inflammation in my heart to eventually go down to normal. So, even though the first MRI was bad and the second one was worse, over time, things got better here and there and eventually after that visit, I was cleared to try and get back in some sort of shape. That’s where the real struggle is. But yeah, it took some time and to be honest, it wasn’t even certain that I was going to show up in Dallas in terms of on TV so, for the people that cared, I greatly appreciate you and you guys mean a lot more than you know.

As far as what’s next for Lee, he isn’t quite sure. He stated that he is healthy and while he is back in the ring, the thing that matters to him the most is being healthy. Lee closed by saying he fought death and doesn’t mind fighting anybody else.

At the end of the day, I don’t really know what’s next. The idea for me is I fought the battle that mattered the most and I’m healthy and at the end of the day, that’s all I can really ask for, that’s all my family can ask for and now, we fight to make the most of what we can do in this industry and just move forward. Isn’t that what I always say? Forward march, the grind continues, it’s forever. We fought death. I don’t mind fighting anybody else so, we move forward and I guess we continue to show exactly what it means to be limitless. Till then, stay up people.

Keith competed in a dark match against Chico Adams prior to the 8/9 Raw going live on USA Network. He has had matches with Austin Theory and Karrion Kross since his return.

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He thought death was the final boss and then he met Vince.

It’s me Austin! It was me all along!

This is a perfect example of why people need to just cool it when it comes to speculation. I remember so many fans used his absence to further their theories KD him being in the dog house.