Keith Lee's Farewell to WWN

I just finished watching Evolve 105. Keith Lee was SO over in Detroit!

He cuts a wicked promo and has such a unique look.

The crowd chanted NXT and he laughed. I think he’s a can’t miss.

Can Keith Lee keep his limitless gimmick and "bask in his glory " catchprase in WWE?

I think he’s a full character and would hate for him to be named Kyle Edwards II and lose his special -ness. It’s encouraging that EC3 got to keep his gimmick aND Ricochet his name in NXT. I’m more concerned what Vince does when he gets this great talent up on the main roster.

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I actually think the move to NXT will add length to his career, I think they’ll make him adapt his style but in a way that will benefit him. I’m with you though, the guy is great all over. Saddest thing is I bet he’ll lose his awesome theme song.

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I could see him keeping his name, nickname, and catchphrase, which he credits to Dusty Rhodes. Nothing wrong with them.