Kellie Morga (Mila Malani) was surprised at how she took her WWE release, didn't want to throw 'pity party' for herself

Originally published at Kellie Morga (Mila Malani) was surprised at how she took her WWE release

The 24-year-old Kellie Morga speaks about her exit from WWE.

Last summer, WWE held tryouts in Las Vegas and one of the talents who was offered a deal was Kellie Morga, who trained with D-Von Dudley at his wrestling academy. Morga’s name was changed to ‘Mila Malani’ but she did not make her NXT television debut.

In late April, Morga was among ten talents that were released from WWE. She spoke about her time with the company while on D-Von’s Table Talk podcast. Morga said it was an awesome experience and jokingly said D-Von trained her harder than what was awaiting her at the Vegas tryout.

It was a great experience. It was a lot different than I thought it would be. D-Von a lot with me.

Kellie was with WWE for eight months. She is surprised at how well she took her departure. She added that she was more sad about the mass releasing of coaches, producers and backstage personnel in January.

So I was surprised with how I took it , because when I first started, a few months in, there was a mass releasing of coaches and I think I took that a lot worse than I took my own release. But I was shocked. I just got into the mode of, okay, what do I need to do now? Not really a pity party but what’s my next move. So I was shocked with how I took it but I’m happy I took it since I’m not gonna get anything done by just throwing a pity party for myself. I definitely learned a lot and I’m a lot better now than I was when I started so, I’ll take it for that.

Further diving into her time in NXT, Morga said one can tell when fellow talents in NXT are rooting for you versus when they are not.

I think it’s a weird time now, because in NXT, a lot of the people there aren’t from wrestling, so I think there’s a mix between people that are happy to see you succeed and not happy. But I definitely — you know who’s actually rooting for you and who’s not very quickly.

Morga is back training at D-Von’s wrestling academy. She is now going by the name ‘Mila Moore’ on the independent scene and will be available for bookings starting May 30th.

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