Kenny Omega discusses Tiger Driver '91 spot from Forbidden Door

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Kenny Omega reflected on his match with Will Ospreay at Forbidden Door and the big Tiger Driver ’91 maneuver.

Omega spoke with Uproxx Sports to promote this Wednesday’s match with Wheeler Yuta and the recently released AEW Fight Forever game.

On the Tiger Driver ’91 spot that drew so much attention because of the danger associated with it, Omega defended his choice:

It’s all part of my job, it’s all part of my profession. These are things that I take a lot of pride in and I think that’s why when I went into this match, there’s a lot of physical and mental preparation that goes into it because I was really preparing myself to wow the crowd to this kind of level.

People that wanted to shit on something or people that want to frown upon something, or for people that want to say, ‘Well, if it were me, I wouldn’t have done that.’ I didn’t get to where I was by being able to do things that everyone else could do. I realized, and I recognized that I do have special talents that maybe not everyone else can do.

For the game, Omega mentioned the forthcoming Stadium Stampede mode as well as additional roster members.

Omega has a singles match with Wheeler Yuta this Wednesday on Dynamite from Edmonton, Alberta. Yuta pinned Omega in the Anarchy in the Arena match at Double or Nothing in May.