Kenny Omega documentary

Hey guys,

After catching the commercial for Omega Man during the NCAA today, I figured I would set it up to pvr on TSN. Going to Wednesday on the guide on my Rogers box, they are showing a blackout, anyone else seeing that as well?

It’s showing 730-830 on TSN for me. I set it up this morning.

Does anybody know when this will come out in the U.S? Havent heard anything about it.

Wednrsday, Wednesday, Wednesday!

I dont know how to help our American friends but sincr tsn is pretty widespread i can see it being on yourube in a matter of days. Im psyched for it!

I’m not only American but I’m also in the Eastern Time Zone. These things are supposed to be catered to me!


Ok so they updated TSN this morning and are showing it now instead of a blackout.

I don’t get TSN with my cable package. Does anyone know if the TSN website will be streaming this?