Kenny Omega: "What’s next? I don’t know because nothing has spoken to me"

Originally published at Kenny Omega: "What’s next? I don’t know because nothing has spoken to me"

While promoting tonight’s AEW debut in Winnipeg, Kenny Omega was asked about his future with AEW and what he is looking to accomplish in the forthcoming years.

Omega appeared on CBC’s Front Burner podcast with host Jayme Poisson and was asked directly if going to WWE is something that appeals to the 39-year-old:

Omega: I think at this point anything new appeals to me and challenges also always, always appeal to me. At one point it was one of those, ‘if you say I can’t do it, I really want to do it’. Now it’s not that, I wouldn’t say I’m older and wiser it’s more like, I’m older and I care less about that it’s more about what kinds of people can I reach. What kind of positive thing can I contribute? And, what do I even feel best suited for?

Host: So maybe, I guess is the answer?

Omega: Right. I mean, again it’s all place and time like we haven’t even reached that time yet.

Omega’s deal was initially set to expire earlier this year but was reportedly extended for an unknown length of time due to Omega’s time away to deal with multiple injuries last year. Omega is obviously going to keep his options open and not share too much publicly but stated in the interview that he doesn’t have a strong feeling, either way, this early in the process regarding where he wants to go:

I always kind of try to find my own way or at least try to lean in the direction of where my heart is pulling me, and right now, I’m taking one step at a time, and with this Winnipeg show it feels like ‘yeah this feels right’ and what’s next? I don’t know because nothing has spoken to me, nothing has told me this is what you need to do. The spidey sense hasn’t been triggered yet.

Omega will team with The Young Bucks against the House of Black and J.A.S. on tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite from the Canada Life Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

He’s going to WWE for sure, unless Vince comes back on a full time basis or the Saudis buy the company first.

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I watching Wrestling Observer Live, and Meltzer was saying how the way Cody has been handled did send a message to guys like Omega. If I’m him, what you said would be my worry.

Not sure if WWE would do it, but maybe an out clause in the event of a sale? Or if Vince comes back? I feel the Vince one would be a tough sell though.

I could also see him pulling a Sasha and just doing New Japan or even doing something short term with AEW until the WWE landscape stabilizes.

Cody vs Omega for the title at Summerslam in a stadium show, that would be cool and if it happens (my gut tells me no) truly surreal.

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I wouldnt want to see that though. The appeal of any of these guys going to WWE, is to see them against people we havent seen before.

They have the makings of what could be a monster angle, by basically having all the key Bullet Club guys in WWE. They already have Cody, Balor, Styles, Gallows and Anderson. You got Jay White potentially coming in. If Kenny comes and you gotta think that would give a good shot at getting the Bucks too. It could be the closest thing we’ve come to an NWO type story, since the NWO.

Imagine all those guys feuding with The Bloodline and then you’ve got guys like Zayn & Owens in the middle. Do they join with their old friends? Or do they join with their hated rivals The Bloodline to stop the Bullet Club? You could get some amazing story out of it.

Do I trust that they could pull it off? I’m not sure. But there is so much potential.

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He’s not going WWE.

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Having actually listened to this interview - he again seems to focus on traveling roads not taken and exploring new things. And his whole career has been about not going to a safe bet like WWE. To me, again, I walk away with the distinct feeling he’s not going to WWE.

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I bet if we look back, you probably said the same about Cody Rhodes, before he went back.

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Except nothing about Cody’s journey is similar to Omega. Cody’s career has mostly been about safe bets and building up his own brand.

Yes he left WWE - but he could have gone back at any point. He attached himself to the hottest acts outside the company to keep his career going.

Cody left WWE with an established name and career. He was a hot commodity on the Indies right away and rode that into an alleged big deal from Sinclair and ROH, and worked with the Elite and Bullet Club.

He was able to charge big money the moment he walked away from WWE.

Cody absolutely did a lot for a lot of people, and helped form AEW… But comparing his path to Omega is night and day. So when the point is made by people “Yeah, but you would have thought the same about Cody”, it’s really not a fair comparison or assumption.

He can only keep saying he wants to “change the world” so many times, before he starts to realize that its time to start thinking about himself. He’s approaching his 40’s. All the stuff he says is great when you are early to mid 30’s, but now is the time to get serious about his future.

I want him to stay in AEW. I hope he doesnt leave, but everyone goes eventually.

He’s likely making millions a year in AEW. He also has connections in gaming (and getting a separate paycheck from AEW Games and the work he does there).

I am pretty sure he’s set for life at this point.

I’m talking about his legacy. Anyone who is anyone ends up going. Much bigger names than Kenny will ever be ended up going and they didnt need to.

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If Kenny retired today, his legacy would still be one of the all time greats.

And you know what would be awesome? After 20+ years, there was finally a way for a talent to have an all-timer career without having to arbitrarily do a stint in WWE?

Like was Sting’s legacy any better because he went to WWE? Or is The Great Muta less than because he didn’t show up in WWE?

To people like you and myself, 100% agree. To the average casual wrestling fan, it does.

This is anecdotal, but I have friends who were huge fans in the 90’s/2000’s who still watch the big shows (RR/Mania) and I mentioned to them the possibility of Kenny jumping, they had no clue who I was talking about. There are a lot of fans that just don’t follow anything else.

From a talent perspective, agreed it changes nothing. But a successful run in WWE does improve his legacy.

Besides, isn’t this what we are all supposed to love about having competition? Having performers jump make it exciting. Punk to AEW, Bryan to AEW, Cody to WWE, this is what makes being a fan fun. I’d love to see roman in AEW, Omega in WWE, Owens in AEW, Bucks in WWE etc.

It feels like even talking about this gets on some peoples nerves. It shouldn’t be that way.

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Yeah my casual mates have never heard of Kenny. They’d rather see Kane return at the Royal Rumble or Stone Cold at WM.


I get the Stone Cold part, everyone I know that watches casually loves to see him over anybody. Can’t say the same for Kane lol, even my casual fans were sick of like 10 years ago lol.

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