Kenny should defend his AAA title on AEW TV

They have a working agreement with AAA.
I would love to see Kenny bring the title to AEW and defend it against either roster.
I think it will happen. I liked what Impact did with their working relationships and title defenses and title matches.
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EDIT: I updated your title to be less misleading (“Kenny defends his AAA on AEW TV”). The rest is perfection, so I’ve left it alone. - Wai

Not a fan, I did not like the AAA tag belts being a focus on the PPVs this summer. It muddies the water and either makes your own belts seem less important or diminishes the belts you bring in. I don’t even really like knowing he won it given the story they are trying to tell with him. The casual fan doesn’t know and it is better for the story (though I’m not convinced the casual fan is super clear on that story either)

I don’t like this idea. The solitary title in AEW makes it important. Turning up with random other titles takes away the shine

Sign WWE cast offs while they’re clearly establishing their own stars. Defend the AAA title while they’re clearly establishing their own championships.

The promotion is essentially just a month old and doing everything to be expected in order to build their product and everything that goes with it. Why are you desperately trying to make AEW not AEW?


This is dumb. No one watching AEW cares about AAA. This isn’t like defending a WWE title.

I mean some people watching probably care about AAA, but not a lot. Defending a WWE title on AEW would also be a terrible idea. I am not in favor of defending other promotions titles on shows not in that promotion. Either they make a big deal out of the title and that diminishes your own belts, or it is not emphasized and then who cares.

Saying that x wrestler has held (or holds) belts in other federations is cool as it lends credence to that performer being a big deal, but I don’t think those titles should be defended.

But you could humiliate the WWE title by jobbingnit our quickly etc. Like WWE did to the ECW title

That only works if AEW buys WWE, if it is a working relationship that would never be allowed to happen.

What I said is what they are doing.
They work with AAA.
They have had the AAA tag belts on PPV
They signed Hager
They let certain people wrestle in other promotions.
I like all of this and want more in time.
I love the promotion thus far, I am just being impatient, but I do know it will take time to grow.
I don’t want them to be like WWE and they are not. They are doing what WCW did with AAA and what Impact/ROH did and does with crossover titles.
Do you guys not see this?
You like what I like. Lol

I don’t like this idea at all.

And I did not like the AAA tag title thing. I thought it was terrible. Bucks win on AEW, lose on AAA, Win back on AEW, lose ladder match. As someone not following AAA I got Bucks win, Bucks Win, Bucks win, Bucks Lose…The titles added nothing to the feud because I didn’t care about the belts they were not for a promotion I follow. I also think they confuse fans.

I was speaking in general terms, you like what I like. All The things I want are happening.
I am happy, I want more. Lol

Kenny should probably defend the AAA title the same way he won it - on AAA programming.


Not defend it, but should carry it. It should be visible, but only defended in that promotions matches. I believe this about every cross-promotional show.


Ok, I hear you.
I’ll take that.