Kento Miyahara wins A Block of AJPW's Champion Carnival

Originally published at Kento Miyahara wins A Block of AJPW's Champion Carnival

The final match of All Japan’s Champion Carnival tournament is set after the conclusion of the round-robin portion.

Monday’s card at Korakuen Hall included the final A Block matches with Kento Miyahara and Davey Boy Smith Jr. gridlocked at ten points apiece and the winner advancing to the final.

The two headlined the card with Miyahara prevailing after multiple kick outs. Miyahara survived a top rope superplex, a Tiger Suplex, and a sit-out powerbomb before countering Smith with a sunset roll-up and connecting with a Blackout knee. The former six-time Triple Crown holder struggled to launch Smith and use the Shutdown German suplex for the win.

It sets the stage for Miyahara to face Jun Saito in the final this Sunday at Yokohama Buntai as the two had a face-off after the main event.

Miyahara previously won the Carnival in 2019.

The show at Korakuen Hall included Hokuto Omori pulling off an upset and beating Yuma Aoyagi with the Muso Issen, Cyrus pinned Shotaro Ashino after a Vader Bomb, and Ren Ayabe defeating Kuroshio TOKYO Japan after the Death Roulette.

Final standings:

Kento Miyahara – 12 points
Davey Boy Smith Jr. – 10
Yuma Aoyagi – 8
Kuroshio Tokyo Japan – 6
Shotaro Ashino – 6
Cyrus -6
Hokuto Omori – 4
Ren Ayabe – 4


Jun Saito – 10 points
Rei Saito – 8
Hideki Suzuki – 8
Yuma Anzai – 8
Suwama – 8
Ryuki Honda – 4
Hartley Jackson – 4
Lord Crewe – 4