Kevin Dunn's camera shots on Smackdown

Anyone want to count how many times the camera switches? I would but I was starting to get a headache. This guy needs to cool it, just terrible

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I tried bro but I seized after about 10 seconds. That’s insane.

They’re trying too hard to turn a sports program into an action film.

They have every right to take pride in their standard of production, but there are certainly many instances where their overproduction takes away from the authenticity of a scene (overuse of shaky cam, guys watching monitors from the side, coloured gels in backstage areas (???), insistence on facing hard cam for every move).


It felt like those early Shield segments. It must be hard for the performers to know which way to face and how to react too, for maximum impact

They’re going for that “Everything is out-of-control and our production team don’t know how to react!” effect, but it just makes the product look try-hard and bush league. Awful stuff.

I was watching a Balor/Wyatt match a while ago and had to stop about 5 minutes in, the zooming in and out/camera cuts was making me nauseous. With this, the graphics and the twitter crap they show across the bottom they could really do with less is more in terms of direction/production.

This is a huge reason I don’t follow WWE stuff as much anymore. The rapid cuts/zooms/shaky cams genuinely take me out of the match and make it hard for me to enjoy it as a pro wrestling match. In my opinion, less is more. Let it sit on the hard came for awhile, and keep the camera shakiness/zoom to smaller amounts. It’s nuts.

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Cutting to Bryan and Shane shenanigans during a match and people are bitching about camera angles SMH.

Back when I was in TVB at college (2007-2009) I think the average number of cuts in a movie/tv show is one every 4-7 seconds depending on the genre/target audience. Younger viewers, generally, need more cuts than older ones to retain interest. That being said this is disorienting.

While working the switcher that controls which feed goes to air, we were taught that if we took a wrong camera the best thing to do in most cases was ‘let it breathe’ for a beat or two and then take the correct camera. The theory is that the viewing audience does not know which camera the technical producer called for but will instantly recognize a disruption to the flow of the program, and fast cuts can be very jarring.

In conclusion; no more coffee for Kevin after 8 pm.

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Wow, I haven’t been watching smackdown with all this multi man madness for the title. What the hell was that with the camera. This is whats turning me off to this product. What is the point of doing that?

I counted 28 but might have missed a couple

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I think I read this somewhere on twitter as being 32 cuts in 34 seconds. Do they do this often?