Kevin Kelly: I think that the Great-O-Khan is a tremendous disappointment for NJPW

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Kevin Kelly gets candid about Great-O-Khan. 

It’s been three years since Tomoyuki Oka a.k.a. Great-O-Khan returned to New Japan Pro-Wrestling from excursion. He joined up with Will Ospreay to become a part of what is now known as United Empire. 

Throughout his current run, O-Khan has captured the IWGP Tag Team Championships on two occasions with Jeff Cobb.

Former NJPW commentator Kevin Kelly spoke candidly about O-Khan on episode #289 of the Super-J Cast. He believes O-Khan has been a tremendous disappointment for NJPW. He added that he loves O-Khan and thinks he’s intriguing as a character, but does not think the company had him penciled in to be a ‘half comedy guy’ when he came back. He feels O-Khan has done a disservice to himself. 

I think that the Great-O-Khan is a tremendous disappointment. I love him, I think he’s an intriguing character. But I don’t think they had mid-card, half comedy guy when they plugged him into this spot. So, I think he’s done disservice to himself and I think that again, that’s part of the reasons. Some of the low moments of the year have been involving him. I would have liked to seen more out of him but he — remember after the match with (Hiroshi) Tanahashi a few years ago? A singles match at The Dome? And everybody’s like, ‘Oh my God. This is the first of many.’ Well he couldn’t be any further away from big moments at The Dome than he is right now.

Coming up for New Japan is Wrestle Kingdom 18 on January 4th. As of this writing, O-Khan has yet to be announced for the show.

The United Empire members that are scheduled to compete at the Tokyo Dome are Francesco Akira, TJP and Will Ospreay.

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