Kevin Kelly

I’m going on record: Kevin Kelly calling New Japan Pro Wrestling is the best there is today. Watching Strong Style Evolved UK night 2 and he’s been so on point and so full of energy and hype for the G1.

His call of ZSJ win over Okada was nothing short of epic!
“He’s got em he’s got em 1 2 threeeeeeeeeee

Zack Sabre Jr has just defeated Kazuchika Okada”

“We both simultaneously kept out of our chairs when Chris Roberts hand hit the mat for the third time”

(Talking about Okada as fan cheer him)
“He’s got 14 days to get his house in order. Before he climbs the Mount Everest of professional wrestling. The greatest test of professional wrestling endurance and skill there is - the G1 Climax


And the hits keep coming
“If Generic Wrestling Announcer #3 wants to talk during Suzuki’s entrance people are going to hang him”.
Feels like a direct shot at JR doing this

And he’s hyping how incredible the new images of the rain match with Okada. Saying 18000 people there. Remarkable.

He said earlier Okada washed away the loss in the rain in front of 18000 people in a 30 minute draw with Suzuki. Very poetic how he said it.

I am curious if this was done in studio post production.

Either way, I am even more pumped to watch the G1 with him doing every show in English!


I was rewatching the undercard from Cow Palace today and JR is indeed talking over Kaze Ni Nare. Sounds like Barnett was trying to stop him but JR steamrolled with his own shit to get in. Doesn’t take a smart man to understand when Suzuki hits the apron, it’s time to shut up.

Kelly understands the storylines, Kelly understands the young lions. Kelly understands the gimmicks, and most importantly understands that us watching at home are the hardcores and expect/deserve good announcing.

And he can “work a single” which in sports broadcasting is rare anymore. Kelly is the best English speaking commentator in the wrestling industry.


I don’t think I appreciated him when I first started watching in 97 but he’s very good in ROH and New Japan. Think he blends well with a lot of the people he’s put with and you can tell he puts the work in.

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