Kevin Knight: It’s inevitable that me & Okada get in the ring and see whose dropkick is best

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Kevin Knight looking forward to having that moment with Okada. 

New Japan Pro-Wrestling is in the midst of their Wrestling Dontaku tour and on April 27th, Kevin Knight and KUSHIDA are going to be challenging TJP and Francesco Akira for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships. 

Ahead of that title match, Knight was interviewed by He was asked about his dropkick that has garnered a good deal of attention.

Knight stated that he’s looking forward to the day when he gets in the ring with Kazuchika Okada and they find out who has the better dropkick. 

I think it’s inevitable that me and Kazuchika Okada get in the ring sometime and see just whose dropkick is best. When I first came to NJPW, I didn’t really understand the idea of practicing simple moves for a whole week at a time, but it means everything is on point all the time. The fundamentals are always there and I never overthink anything.

That aforementioned 4/27 NJPW show is going to be headlined by Hiromu Takahashi defending the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title against Yoshinobu Kanemaru. The 2023 Best of the Super Juniors lineup will be announced as well.