Kevin Knight praises Mercedes Moné: "She’s like the Beyoncé of wrestling"

Originally published at Kevin Knight praises Mercedes Moné: "She’s like the Beyoncé of wrestling"

He gave his opinion on Moné when asked about some of his favorite female in-ring performers to watch. 

Guest appearing on Women’s Wrestling Talk was former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion Kevin Knight. As the conversation rolled on, Knight touched on the on-screen work that Mercedes Moné has done. 

He heaped praise onto the former IWGP Women’s Champion and called her the Beyoncé of pro wrestling. 

With Mercedes (Moné), no, I never got to have a full conversation with her yet. I’ve only met her twice and it was just saying ‘hey’ in passing and all that. I don’t like to bother people backstage so, if they got something going on, I just let them do their thing and then I’m focusing on my match anyway so, yeah, I’m excited to see the things that she’ll bring to the independent world, to the New Japan-STARDOM world because she’s legitimately like the Beyoncé of wrestling and wherever she goes, her fans is following so it’s just gonna sell out everywhere. So, it’s only good business in my opinion. So I’m excited to see how she does things on her own.

Moné was in attendance at AEW All In at Wembley Stadium. Coming out of the event, AEW President Tony Khan announced the Wrestle Dream pay-per-view and added that he’s not sure if Moné will be cleared by October 1st. 

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