Kevin Owens expresses that he wanted to be in 2023 WWE men's Money in the Bank Ladder match

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It was a bit annoying to Owens that he would not be in the match. 

London, England played host to WWE’s 2023 Money in the Bank weekend. The winners of the respective men’s and women’s Ladder matches were Damian Priest and IYO SKY

The night before Money in the Bank, Friday Night SmackDown emanated from The O2 and Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn successfully defended the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles against Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson). 

Going into the Premium Live Event, Owens and Zayn were interviewed for Mark Andrews’ My Love Letter to Wrestling podcast. Owens expressed that he wanted to be part of the Ladder match and was a ‘little annoyed’ he was not in it. 

Owens: I’m actually a little annoyed I’m not in it this year (men’s Money in the Bank Ladder match). I love ladders, I love ladder matches, I think I thrive in them so, to not get to do it kind of sucks. 

Later in the podcast, former NXT U.K. Tag Team Champion Mark Andrews was asked if being at Money in the Bank made him miss being in the mix of WWE. He said it did feel somewhat awkward being back at his old workplace seeing as how he’s not a talent there anymore.

He never feels like he deserves those spots and he’s happy to see his friends reach those goals. Andrews said it’s just that he knows he could be on that stage.

Andrews: I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel slightly awkward at times, you know? Going back to your old workplace. Kind of going in through the backdoor to say hi to everyone and thinking, oh, am I in the way here? This is where I used to work and in no way do I ever feel like I should be in those spots. Professional wrestling doesn’t owe you anything. That’s something that I’ve tried to kind of keep in my head throughout my whole career so I never feel like I should be on that stage but it’s just that I know that I could be, because for me, I don’t doubt my ability and I don’t doubt that I can be in those matches and do kind of the amazing things that they’re doing in those matches. It’s just whether the timing is right. It’s whether you are what they’re looking for and for right now, I’m kind of happy enough just being incredibly proud to see my friends in those positions. They are in those positions and they were chosen to be in the Ladder matches or be in the championship matches and be wrestling in front of 50,000 people.

John Cena returned to WWE at the Premium Live Event and teased the idea of London hosting a WrestleMania

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